Five sought-after boot sale items

Garage sales, boots sales and even eBay are great ways to get rid of your clutter and perhaps make a few extra dollars. So what can you sell that will attract the attention of those keen to buy?

Unused gifts

Savvy shoppers and bargain hunters are always on the lookout for unused gifts that they can buy cheaply for birthdays, Christmas, etc. Rather than let those lovely, but unused presents gather dust, why not sell them and make enough money to buy something you’d rather have? If you have a few items that may not be particularly sellable, you could always package up toiletry gifts, craft gifts, food gifts, etc. as bundles.


Second-hand tools, be they power tools or manually operated, attract a lot of interest at garage sales and boot sales. A little work to get them clean and free of rust as possible will help you sell them at a premium.  If you have the manuals, boxand spare parts for power tools buried away somewhere, it’s worthwhile digging them out, as you will be able to charge a little more for the whole package. Selling tools on eBay isn’t always cost effective, as people have to pay postage – unless you’re willing to have them collect them from your home.

Vintage items

Granny’s lampshade or great aunt Mary’s favourite footstool may have little place in your own home, but budding interior designers are always on the lookout for kitsch or vintage items. Even old plates, pictures and ornaments have a value if they’re from a sought-after period. Do a little research – you never know, you may be sitting on a rare gem, literally! Set in your own mind how much you will be willing to accept for an item and don’t let it go for less.

Retro toys

If you’ve got a pile of toys that you’ve kept since your own children were young, you may be sitting on a gold mine. Retro toys and dolls in good condition can be worth considerable money to some collectors. Original Star Wars figures from the 70s and 80s, Barbie dolls from the 60s, Hornby trains, Dinky cars and even those handheld Nintendo games from the 80s can all be worth a bob or two if they’re in relatively good condition. So rather than hold onto them for the grandchildren, sell them on and make some money.

Knitted baby clothes

Designer clothes for babies may be popular, but nothing beats hand-knitted cardigans, booties and hats. Not everyone has someone to knit for them when their baby is born and many new mums are only too happy to pay for individual, handcrafted clothing items. You could advertise your services on mum-friendly websites, such as Kidspot, or simply knit a selection and sell at a boot sale or garage sale.




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