Increasing the value of your home

Selling your home can be a long, laborious and exhausting process, so it’s important to understand the minor details that can make your home all the more appealing to potential buyers. These DIY tips and fix ups not only save you money but can also help to boost the value of your property.

Mow a neighbour’s lawn
While taking care of your own home is still the primary focus of any sellers, a messy lawn next door can influence what prospective buyers think of the area. Clear and mow any nature strips both out the front and near your property. If your neighbour has an unkempt lawn, offer to mow it for them before open for inspections and auction day.

Replace bathroom caulk
Having a clean and well-kept bathroom is a huge selling point for many potential buyers. Unfortunately, wet areas are among the most expensive to renovate, so drastic changes aren’t guaranteed to pay for themselves come auction day.

 Caulk that surrounds your bathtub may crack, discolour and become mouldy over time. Luckily, removing old caulk and replacing it using a caulking gun requires more patience than skill, so you can do it fairly cheaply yourself. This DIY job can help your bathroom look newer and add value to your home.

Paint it black
It’s no secret that giving your home a fresh paint job before auction day is a great way to make it look fresh and boost its value. However, the decision by many homeowners to use white paint may not be doing them any favours.

A 2018 Paint Colour Analysis by real estate company Zillow, analysed more than 135,000 photos from homes sold across the US to determine which paint jobs earned owners higher sale prices. It found that on average, homes with black or charcoal-coloured front doors sold for $US6271 ($A8812) more than similar homes with front doors painted white.

While this was by far the greatest jump in value associated with a painted feature, the study also found that taupe-coloured living spaces and bathrooms painted a cool, neutral colour like blue also sold for more compared to similar homes with different colour schemes. ‘Tuxedo kitchens’, where the upper cabinets are painted white and lower cabinets are painted black, or where white cabinets are contrasted against a navy or black colour sold for $US1547 ($A2174) more on average.

It’s important to be selective with your colour scheme, as some colour combinations may actually detract value from your home. Homes with dining rooms painted an oat or sandy brown were found to sell for $US1684 ($A2366) less on average. Those with red kitchens saw a $US2310 ($A3246) drop in value, and those with a yellow exterior saw a $US3408 ($A4789) drop in value.

Switch the switch
Replacing old or discoloured light switch outer covers is usually inexpensive and can make your home seem more up to date and well cared for. Real estate agent Jeremy Browne told Money Talks News that changing this small detail is an easy way to make your rooms look better.

Tighten knobs and hinges
If you’ve been to many open for inspections, you’ll know that nothing it off limits. Cupboards are opened and closed, draws are pulled open, hinges are listened to and doorknobs are twisted and turned. When these things rattle, it screams neglect.

Luckily, tightening the knobs, hinges and handles in your home is an easy way to make your home feel well cared for. This is among the cheapest fix ups you can do yourself, as all you need it a screwdriver and a good radio station to keep you company as you move around the house.

Light it up
Light fixtures are a feature too few homeowners consider when touching up their home for sale. While they may become invisible to you after years of walking below the same light fixtures, potential buyers may notice if they look old, cracked or discoloured, and they can make your home appear old and unloved.

Installing some light, modern fixtures is relatively inexpensive, and can add more life and energy to your home, making it appear more modern and up to date.


Have you sold your home before? What fix-up tips would you share with other readers?

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