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Life insurance from $10.25 for Australians over 45*

Many Aussies start reassessing their finances when they hit their forties and above. Despite most of us holding some form of life cover in our super, mortgages, family expenses and changing health needs mean many people start to consider life insurance in case the worst happens.

The good news is that life cover is surprisingly affordable. The experts at Life Insurance Comparison have found policies that offer $500,000 worth of cover from just $10.25 a week* for a healthy, non-smoker in their mid-40s. It’s simple to see how much cover will cost you.

Cheap life cover? What’s the catch?

There’s no catch  You really can get coverage from just $10.25 a week*^.

While that coverage quote is for  a 45-year-old male office worker in NSW who doesn’t smoke and has no pre-existing health conditions, everyone is different, and each quote will be different too. That’s where Life Insurance Comparison comes in. 

Our specialists factor in your age, gender, BMI, whether you smoke and your overall health, along with your occupation. They’ll then search our panel of 10 of Australia’s leading insurers to find a premium that’s affordable and gives you and your family peace of mind. 

Nobody can predict the future but it’s worth asking what would happen if your income or your partner’s income disappeared due to illness, injury or worse. It’s why finding the right life insurance can often be an essential part of planning for your financial future. 

The best part is that it’s free to get a quote. Let our specialists show you how to save and plan for your family’s future.

*Any amounts referenced in this article are only indicative in nature and serve as a guide. There is no guarantee that you will be eligible for the amount referenced in this article. Life insurance premiums will vary based on your individual circumstances and the benefits you seek.  

^ Figure based on life insurance coverage of $500,000 for a non-smoking 45 year old man in NSW with no pre-existing conditions

This article is opinion only and should not be taken as financial advice. Check with a financial professional before making any decisions.

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