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Tips to save on insurance costs

First, it was the car insurance bill. I rang the insurer and in my nicest voice pondered whether there were any discounts that could be applied given I had never asked before – because I worked full time and that task never made it high enough on my to-do list.

I had a nice chat with the person on the end of the phone. She asked a series of questions, including how many kilometres the car was doing on average per year. This elicited the information that my husband was now self-employed and no longer drove to the city every day. Lo and behold, I saved about $100 on the bill with no loss of entitlements.

Not bad for a friendly 10-minute chat.

So earlier this month, the house and contents insurance bill arrived – hard on the heels of the gas, electricity, water and phone bills. Every year I mean to get this bill sent mid-year to ease the pain just before Christmas.

Again, I called the insurer and asked in my friendliest tone: “Is there any way to get this total down a bit?”

Lovely Emily replied: “The house is replacement value, but the value of the contents is increased every year in line with CPI – you may want to look at that.”

Me: “$150,000 – yes please reduce that. Three kids have moved out over the past five years and we have a lot less contents.”

Emily: “And your excess is $100 – you may want to increase that.”

Me: “Yes, please, $300 sounds good.”

The conversation continued until I had wiped $200 off the bill.

My advice to you?

  • Shop around to make sure your insurer is still the best option. There are some great websites so you can do this easily.
  • Always call your insurers. If your circumstances have changed, discuss whether that has any positive effect on your bills without having a negative effect on your cover.
  • Tailor your insurance according to what you need.
  • Check the policy details so you know exactly what is covered – and what’s not.

Do you have any tips on how to get the best value from your insurance bills?

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