Last days to claim $250 power saving bonus

Residents of one state have only a few days left to claim their $250 Power Saving Bonus payment – before they become eligible to claim another $250 from this Friday.

Victorian residents have until midnight on Thursday 23 March 2023 to visit the Victorian Energy Compare website or to engage with a community energy affordability service to compare energy rates and see if there’s a cheaper option. 

Doing so will make them eligible to receive a $250 Power Saving Bonus from the state government. 

Earlier this month, the Andrews’ government announced the program would continue for another year, starting on 24 March. This means eligible households can get another $250 bonus simply by comparing energy rates again. 

“We know Victorians are doing it tough with the rising cost of energy – that’s why we’ll have a new round of the $250 Power Saving Bonus, putting money in families’ pockets and making sure they’re on the best deal,” Premier Daniel Andrews said in a statement. 

How to apply

To claim your $250, residents need to put their name, email address and phone number on the claim form when it appears on the Energy Compare website after completing a comparison. 

You only need to complete the comparison to be eligible for the payment, you are not obliged to switch energy retailers. 

After completing the form, the payment should be in your bank account within two weeks. 

Great news for Victorians, but what offers are there for residents of other states and territories? 

New South Wales

NSW residents can claim a concession on their water bills as well as on gas and electricity. However, the process of working out what you are eligible for and how to claim the concession is a bit convoluted. 

Eligibility and concession rates vary depending on whether you qualify through family tax benefit, as self-funded retirees, Centrelink Healthcare Card holders, pensioners, Veterans’ Card holders, low-income households and more. 

Fortunately, Service NSW has an online Savings Finder to help you get the savings you’re entitled to. 


A range of concession cardholders – including Queensland Seniors Card, Pensioner Concession Card, Low-Income Healthcare Card, Veterans’ Gold Card, and Asylum Seekers holding an ImmiCard – are eligible for electricity rebates. Some of those also qualify for a natural gas concession. 

Currently the electricity rebate is $372.20 per year (GST inclusive) and the Reticulated Natural Gas Rebate is $80.77 per year (GST inclusive). 

Applying for the rebates is done through your individual gas and electricity dealer. However, the process is different for those who live in an apartment complex, residential park, retirement village or a granny flat. 

The Queensland government’s Energy Concessions page provides further information. 

Western Australia

In WA, electricity concessions are processed in one of two ways, depending on your retailer. 

Those who are not with Synergy or Horizon Power can apply for a Household Electricity Credit of $400 through the Energy Concession Extension Scheme. 

Those with Synergy or Horizon can claim $318.37 via a separate scheme. Applying for the concession is done online via the WA government’s energy concession application page. 

South Australia 

Those who hold a Pensioner Concession Card, a Veterans’ Gold Card, a Low-Income Healthcare Card or a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card can claim the SA government’s energy concessions. 

In 2022/23, those who qualify may be eligible to receive up to $241.63 a year to cover energy payments. This includes fuel used to generate energy, such as LPG bottled gas and petrol. 

Applying for the discount is done via the ConcessionsSA website. 


The Apple Isle does things slightly differently, providing a daily discount to eligible customers at a cents-per-day rate. The current concession is 157.46 cents per day. 

The concessions are available to pensioner concession cardholders, or for those who have a low-income healthcare card, or an ImmiCard on bridging visa E. If you have a Tasmanian concession card, you are eligible for the discount on your primary place of residence. 

Applications are made via your energy retailer using a form provided by the retailer and Service Tasmania

Northern Territory 

Residents of the NT may be able to claim concessions for electricity (up to $1200/year), water ($800/year) and sewerage ($486.12/year). 

It is available to members of the NT concession scheme, who can apply via the scheme’s website

Australian Capital Territory

In the ACT eligible residents can apply for the ‘full set’ of concessions: electricity, gas, water and sewerage.

Those eligible include pensioner concession cardholders, low-income healthcare cardholders from Centrelink, ACT service access cardholders, and a number of veterans’ cardholders. However, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card Holders are not eligible. 

Applications must be done through each individual retailer. 

Are you eligible for any energy rebates? Have you received any in the past? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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Brad Lockyer
Brad Lockyer
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