More energy bill relief on the way for residents in this state

Looking for relief on your energy bills? Residents of one state are getting extra help from the government to cover the rising cost of power.

NSW residents who have a concession card will receive a state government energy rebate rise from the middle of next year.

The state government says it will provide an additional $100 million in energy bill relief, on top of the $326 million already allocated for 2024-25.

NSW offers a number of different energy relief payments for concession card holders.

The Seniors Energy Rebate, available to residents who hold a valid Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, will see a 25 per cent increase, going from $285 to $350.

The Low-Income Household Rebate (LIHR) and the Medical Energy Rebate (MER) will increase from $250 to $350 per year, a jump of 23 per cent. Both the LIHR and MER are available to those who hold a valid Department of Human Services or Department of Veterans’ Affairs’ concession card.

The Family Energy Rebate will increase from $180 to $250 for those who receive the full rate, an increase of 39 per cent. For those receiving a partial rate (who are also receiving the LIHR), the rebate will go from $20 to $30.

Finally, the Life Support Rebate (LSR) will increase for each piece of equipment by 22 per cent. The LSR helps with electricity bills if a customer has someone living with them who is required to use approved energy-intensive equipment at home.

NSW energy minister Penny Sharp says her government is focused on easing pressure on NSW families.

“The NSW government is delivering on its promise to provide relief to families and other households who are finding it difficult to pay their energy bills,” she says.

“We understand many people are doing it tough. This additional funding will make a material difference to some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

“The government is committed to keeping downward pressure on power prices at the same time as working to get more renewable energy into the grid, which will deliver cleaner and more affordable power.”

What about other states?

This energy relief announcement is an initiative of the NSW state government, and doesn’t kick in until next financial year. Currently, NSW residents can get a one-off $500 payment to help with energy bills through the Energy Bill Relief Fund.

Residents of other states can also access this federal fund, although the rules are different in different states and territories.

The one-off $500 payment is also available to residents in South Australia and Tasmania, while residents of Victoria who hold a valid concession card can get $250 back per eligible household (paid in two instalments of $125) through this program. All Queensland residents (regardless of welfare status) will receive $550 through the state’s new Cost of Living Rebate, while those currently receiving the Queensland Electricity Rebate will get $700. In Western Australia, households registered with the Electricity Concession Extension Scheme (ECES) will get a $500 electricity credit split over two payments, while all other other residents will get a $400 electricity credit. Northern Territory residents can get $350 per household, while in the ACT you’re eligible to receive $175 back. Although the ACT rebate is considerably smaller than other jurisdictions, the territory’s large-scale Feed-in Tariff Scheme means annual bills in the ACT are, on average, $152 cheaper. If you qualify for one of those rebates but aren’t named on the bill and you pay for electricity, contact your electricity provider to get your name added to the bill so you can access the relief. To receive the payments, you don’t actually need to do anything, your electricity provider will automatically apply the bill relief to your electricity account, thus reducing the amount of your next bill. Was your last electricity bill higher than expected? Should the government be providing more assistance? Let us know in the comments section below. Also read: 10 off-peak energy tips to cut your electricity bills

Brad Lockyer
Brad Lockyer
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  1. I live in Tasmania and am an Age Pensioner with a Commonwealth Pension card. I believe that the $500 rebate was to be given in 2 equal lots of $250. A few weeks ago I received the largest electricity bill I have ever had (despite the face that my usage was slightly less than last year’s) but saw no evidence of either a $250 or $500 rebate. When are we supposed to receive this?

  2. I think Brasd had better check his maths before publishing
    The Seniors Energy rebate from $285 – $350 is an increase of 22.8%, and the LIHT tebate of $250 – $350 is a jump of 40%. I haven’t looked at the others !

  3. I am from Qld and yes we have just received some of the rebate towards power but isn’t it just amazing how the government mention financial help to the people and the power price just happens to go record high in doubling everyone’s bills , it’s not just a house here and there it seems to be effecting most people I know and others who have mentioned they have noticed the hike. Only big companies are the Billions in profit each year , how about they try halve their profit to give everyday hard working people a chance to gain instead of strain

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