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The pandemic has changed the way we feel about energy usage

Australians responded to the pandemic by purchasing large appliances and white goods.

Rising costs wipe out Age Pension increase

The Consumer Price Index rose 0.8 per cent in the September quarter.

How to avoid late lodgement penalties at tax time

The deadline to submit your own tax return is fast approaching.

If you could cut 9 years off your home loan term, would you?

By refinancing at a reduced interest rate, you could pay off your home loan years earlier than

Latest data shows shift away from cash is picking up pace

The use of cash and physical credit and debit cards is on a steady decline.

Flaw in banks' security costing Aussies billions every year

Finance watchdog demands banks fix flaw in account security.

Why hasn't my package arrived yet? When will this problem end?

Delivery and supply chain problems are multiplying - and it'll probably affect Christmas.

How you could be paying for your Christmas goodies

There's a new way to pay coming to you, with supermarkets and banks backing the trials.

How to spot a fake review, before it ruins your Xmas shopping

More than half of Australians think they have fallen for fake online reviews.

How electrifying your life could save you thousands

Electrifying your life can save you money and help the planet.

What 'staying connected' costs you

Here's what your phone, internet and streaming services cost over a lifetime.

Vulnerabilities leave smartphone users open to payment fraud

Report suggests hackers can easily bypass security measures to commit payment fraud.

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