Austudy and Age Pension

At 68-years of age, YOURLifeChoices subscriber Fiekel still has a thirst for knowledge but understands this comes at a price. He is keen to find out if he can access Austudy payments while claiming an Age Pension?

Q. I would like you to tell me if I would be able to apply for Austudy on top of a full pension. I am 68 years old and would like to do a university course, but have no other income apart from the Age Pension. The course is supplied online by Monash University and costs $3,000.

A. The eligibility criteria for Austudy requires you to be over 25 years and studying an approved course full-time. There are also limits on the income you can earn and the assets you can hold. If your income or assets are above the limits set, then any Austudy payments will be reduced.

However, both Austudy and the Age Pension have restrictions whereby you can’t receive another social security benefit at the same time. The Age Pension would give you a higher payment, as the most you can receive on Austudy is $388.70 per fortnight.

To find out more about eligibility criteria, income and asset limits and payment rates, visit Centrelink’s Austudy section.

Would you like to study more but find the cost prohibitive?

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