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Would a review of your financial advice put your mind at rest?

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You certainly wouldn't be alone, but what if someone could review the validity of the advice you’ve been given? Would this give you peace of mind?

Cautious Investor Australia (CIA) is Australia’s first fully independent financial advice review service that delivers investors peace of mind. CIA understands that, due to the fear of being ripped off or because you don’t know who to trust, your long-term financial security may suffer.

Here’s how CIA can help you invest with confidence.

What does Cautious Investor Australia do?
Cautious Investor Australia is an independent service that offers complete peace of mind. It helps to build trust between financial planners and their clients by ensuring that financial planners follow industry best practice and that their clients fully understand the advice they are receiving.

CIA believes in the financial planning process and knows that a lot of people are making incorrect financial decisions due to a fear of talking to a financial advisor. The team at CIA would like to change that whilst delivering total peace of mind.

CIA works with consumers, financial planners and accountants to produce a comprehensive report of the financial advice being delivered to consumers, to ensure that the adviser is meeting their regulatory obligations and acting in the best interests of the consumer. CIA also provides feedback around the planner’s qualifications and experience, along with the pricing of the advice to market. In addition, the report also contains constructive questions that you can take back to your advice provider. This will help you to ensure that you are gaining a full understanding of the advice delivered prior to implementation.

CIA has brought together an experienced team of compliance specialists, para planners and market experts to assist with the reviewing and developing of the reports being delivered to consumers.

As a special offer to YourLifeChoices members, CIA is offering a 50 per cent discount off the normal cost to produce a comprehensive review of an advice document. For just $99, you can have total peace of mind that the advice you are receiving is in your best interest and not the advisers.

To find out more about Cautious Investor Australia visit Cautiousinvestoraustralia.com.au

Or call Terry on 1300 824 733 or 0417 647 749 email help@cautiousinvestoraustralia.com.au

Cautious Investor Australia is not a financial planning company and does not provide specific advice on the investments recommended from Financial Advisors and Planners. All feedback in relation to the actual investments recommended, apart from pricing to market comparison, are of a general nature only. Cautious Investor Australia does not have any associations with financial planning firms and all material provided to CIA for their services remains confidential and is not shared with any other party without the specific approval from the client. CIA’s financial advice feedback reports are provided with the view of assisting potential investors make better financial decisions through gaining an independent unbiased opinion of the advice being provided by financial service providers.


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    31st Oct 2016
    I have known many, dealt with a few, been tried to be "diddled" by one, and only trusted a couple, when I lived in Melbourne, at the Centre in Finance. Choose wisely.
    31st Oct 2016
    Certainly understand your concerns Fast Eddie. At CIA we see plenty of good advice but unfortunately our fair share of poor advice. Our service is to assist investors in making the right choices when the need to seek advice arises. With our teams extensive experience across the industry we know what is quality and what is not. Self interest is the number one red flag we see and it obvious to us but not so for many trusting investors.

    31st Oct 2016
    Sounds like just another layer where customers can be charged money in what is fundamentally a corrupt industry.
    31st Oct 2016
    It took the provider (fund, no names) 105 days to recoup my rather sizeable investment, which I cancelled during the cooling-off period because of dis-information from the adviser, and I received NO interest whatsoever, no compensation, and no apologies - just dead money for that period which was even "lost in cyber" for five days before it got to my new fund's account. NEVER AGAIN! Choose wisely.
    31st Oct 2016
    I have learnt in my last 60 years to stay away from financial advisers, lawyers, psychologists, insurance and car brokers and other so-called professional experts. I had my tax done by an accountant in the years that I was working and when I retired I decided to do it myself and found out how sloppy his expertise. Reclaimed excess tax over previous years and tried to get the ever-increasing fees I had paid him. I have now these professionals in the same bin as the politicians. I suspect even some medical specialists would qualify. Trust is lost, that's very bad for all.
    31st Oct 2016
    I agree. Don't take the risk at this stage in your life. Take the time to do some research, consider the fundamentals, recognize the risks in investing in certain sectors , look for competitive advantages, avoid sectors characterized by heavy competition. Listen to people in your position, but don't rely on their tips. If it sounds too good, forget it.
    And make your own decisions - after all it's your money, not theirs!
    31st Oct 2016
    All a Financial Advisor at one of our top banks did for us was lose us money !!
    31st Oct 2016
    If CIA can walk people through the plan and actually explain the fees, commissions, charges, insurances etc and just how the money will be invested, diversified and rebalanced it would be a good service.

    I had a few options on retirement and the plans developed by financial advisors would have cost me dearly. I went through them carefully and had been investing and doing trades for about 30 years myself so I could read the prospectus in spite of the jargon.

    One was three times the cost of the other two options.

    As the compulsory work fund had barely doubled my money in 40 years I eventually took the defined benefit pension which I regret now the government has changed all the damn rules.

    If I could take the money back using the 16X rule I'd be way in front.

    However I still made more money myself investing in property, bonds and shares and running business outside super. Even with paying tax at the marginal rate.

    That shouldn't be the case now should it.

    I do think a company like CIA would be a use to most retirees facing big decisions sometimes for the rest of their lives.

    I found the administrator of my super fund gave me good advice and explained my options very well and they had no skin in the game in a similar way to how CIA seems to work.
    7th Nov 2016
    Thank you Rae for sharing your experiences. CIA was developed to assist people to better understand the advice they are receiving from financial planners and advisers.

    Yes we are independent and are only looking at the investors best interests. Just this week we have reviewed advice provided by an industry super fund, the advice itself was OK and partly in the best interest of the investor, but due to the limitations of the super fund in delivering advice, the solutions was only addressing one area of investors needs.

    After reviewing it became apparent that Centrelink benefits could be available over the next few years with the correct strategy, but unfortunately that advice will not be forthcoming from the current advice provider as their licence does not allow them to do individual strategy.

    This is only one example of the value of gaining a truly independent review, as by simply going to another advice provider does not always deliver a better result.

    Of course at the end of the day the investor still needs to act with caution, it is CIA's charter to at least provide a better understanding to what is available which can only assist in seeking a better solution for the investor.

    3rd Nov 2016
    I am a conservator investor; my advisor knew that...he put me in a "high risk" investment and promptly lost 25% in the first 3 months. I found out accidentally when I rang their head office. I was furious...challenged him...he had no answer....I waited until the money got back to my original balance and I took the lot out.

    I asked him whose interests was he looking after; mine or his? No response.

    Never, ever, will I go near a financial advisor again. If I dont earn as much I dont care. At least I am not paying high commissions for someone to play around with MY money.

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