Discounts and deals at your local retailers

Here are four places where it’s worth enquiring if there are savings to be had.

Senior couple enquire about a discount at a clothing store

Many people assume that because a discount isn't advertised, there simply isn't one to be had. However, it’s often a case of ‘if you don't ask …’ so here are the places where it’s at least worth enquiring if there are any savings to be had.

Supermarkets aren’t known for their generosity, however, there are some that will offer seniors discounts on a certain day, or as part of the state’s seniors week. If you have an independent supermarket or grocer, there is a strong likelihood that your continued custom will be rewarded with a discount.

For example, Ritchie’s offers a five per cent seniors’ discount every Thursday on transactions over $20.

Whether it’s the local barber or a swish salon, hairdressers are the best places to secure a discount. Most will offer money off on traditionally quiet days or on certain services. And if they don't offer a discount, they may throw in an additional service, such as a colour treatment, for free.

Clothing retailers
There’s no need to pay full price for your new outfit. There are high street retailers that are more than happy to offer a seniors’ discount or a reward card that gives you money off the more you spend. Some retailers also offer free or reduced alterations if you’re a senior, so don't be afraid to ask.

Millers offers 10 per cent to Seniors Card holders while Noni B offers a 10 per cent discount in certain stores on Tuesdays.

As well as offering concessions, many cinemas will have special seniors showings or days when seniors can buy reduced price tickets. Some will ask you to sign up to their movie club, while others will simply ask you to show your seniors card or prove your age.

Village Cinemas offers $8 tickets to seniors’ sessions on a Friday morning, while Event Cinemas offer $9 tickets every day and a free session once you’ve booked six.

Do you know of any retailers, national or local, that are happy to offer discounts to seniors?



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    28th Apr 2017
    NQR has a Seniors discount....I think its on Thursdays.....haven't been there in a while, so check the day
    28th Apr 2017
    The big ones are your electricity and gas providers, insurance companies and private health cover. I ask for loyalty bonuses and make sure they know I am shopping around and comparing. Actively seek best deals by doing your own research. I save hundreds every year by doing this. Another one is grocery shopping. Don't buy when you are out of something but rather when the items on special and stock up until the next time it is half price or at least a good deal. Wait for sales for clothes and buy gifts and put away when really good sales are on. Have a budget and know your limits. It is amazing how much you can save.
    Old Geezer
    28th Apr 2017
    Check the catalogue before you go shopping and have lots of loyalty cards.
    28th Apr 2017
    Coffee shops often have seniors discounts, or buy 5 get one free cards, seniors lunches in clubs, Lennards chicken offer seniors discount as will some local fruit shops and butchers. Just remember to ask. Also public transport and never pay full price for Manchester. There are always sales especially mid season or at the end of the season.
    29th Apr 2017
    Richies??? So you pay 20% more for your groceries and get a 5% discount? Really Drew.
    Yer man
    11th Jul 2017
    If you don't ask you don't get . If you ask and don't get then walk away.

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