Will you need a vaccination to visit Australian venues?

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State premiers have suggested that once vaccinations begin in Australia, those without vaccinations may be banned from visiting some venues and establishments.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian told radio station 2GB that her government was considering permitting venues to ban entry to those that have declined to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

South Australian Premier Steve Marshall said his government had not yet considered whether to impose restrictions on people who opt not to take the vaccine, but admitted it was one issue that would be considered.

On Monday, Ms Berejiklian said that as the February rollout of the vaccine nears she had held discussions about banning those who refuse the vaccine from entering government-run buildings, and permitting venues to take similar measures.

“The more people that are vaccinated, the greater likelihood we can have a return to normality as we know it,” Ms Berejiklian told 2GB.

“Already airlines have indicated that if you’re not vaccinated, you can’t travel overseas,” she said.

“We will also consider whether we allow venues to [do that] – and venues do that already, people make up their own rules if they run a business or have a workplace about what they feel is COVID-safe.

“Whilst it’s the federal government’s responsibility in terms of the vaccine and the rollout, all workplaces and state governments will have a say in encouraging people to take it.”

The NSW government is considering a data-sharing partnership with the federal government that would help people prove that they have been immunised against the coronavirus.

Ms Berejiklian has previously suggested the Service NSW smartphone app could show a tick when a person is vaccinated, enabling venue entry.

Do you think venues should be able to ban entry to those who refuse to receive a COVID-19 vaccination? Do you think this will become the norm across Australia?

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  1. 3

    I will be boycotting all the businesses that mandate this and lets see how long they survive and promoting businesses that don’t . Will these businesses and governments sign an agreement with me (A contract) that if I take the vaccine they will take full responsibility (fully compensate my family and I) for adverse reactions I may have to the vaccine no matter how mild or servere it is or even death like what is happening overseas at the moment when people have taken the vaccine? Even the vaccine companies cannot guarantee this vaccine works in preventing you getting the virus but instead only reduces symtoms (so even if you take the vaccine you can still get it and spread it to a vaccinated and unvaccinated persons) I will take my chances on a healthy immune system to fight this virus like I do everytime I have contracted a virus in the past and fought it off. I am more then happy to take some time off work and stay home when sick so as not to spread any virus I get like I have done since I can remember. Who will compensate those that are injured or die from receiving this vaccine if you happen to be the unlucky guinea pig whose body reacts adversely to the vaccine (like can happen with any other medication) I am not going to play Russian Roulette with this vaccine unless everyone that is demanding I take it will sign a contract to take full responsibility if something goes wrong. Also I think I will take my chances on being one of the 98% + get better. But hey if you want it, go for it. It starts with mandating vaccines, what next if we allow it?

  2. 2

    I think it will be good to restrict unvaccinated people. When I had my business all employees were given the flu vaccine. It was a work safety issue that would protect them from the flu. They all willingly accepted it. If I was going to a concert, footy match our a government office I would feel much better knowing everybody was vaccinated.
    If you boycott businesses that won’t allow entry without a vaccination I think you will become very lonely, hungry and not able to buy petrol to get to the airport to live in another country. No that won’t work because you need to be vaccinated to fly. Cruise lines will be the same.
    Roll on the vaccines. People dying overseas all had other health issues and once again the media has had a field day with itt.

  3. 2

    What is the difference between a vaccinated person and an unvaccinated person if a vaccinated person can still catch and spread the virus? Since the vaccine has been said to only reduce symptoms, not completely stop you from contracting the virus. An unvaccinated person can catch a virus and have the same severity of symptoms as a vaccinated person as we are seeing since most people don’t even know that they have the virus until they are tested with this PCR test. In reality, a vaccinated person is just as likely to be carrying the virus without symptoms as much as an unvaccinated person. Even with the flu vaccine you can still get the flu. My work partner gets vaccinated every year and he gets the flu still and even though we work in the same enclosed office I haven’t ever caught it from him (and I don’t get the flu vaccine, I had it once and I had a really bad reaction to it) and he usually catches it from his wife who also has to get vaccinated every year due to her work as it is also a health and safety requirement.

    Will there be any businesses, governments, pharmaceutical companies and even the person administering the injection willing to sign a document to guarantee that neither myself or my family will have a reaction to this vaccine and if we do will they be willing to accept full responsibility for any damages now and in the say next 10 years (as we do not know and there are no studies of the long term effects of this vaccine) time?

    Also, hasn’t the media been reporting that the majority of people that are getting sick and dying from COVID also had underlying health issues but for some reason it was not their underlying health issues that made them sick or killed them it was COVID but now when people are having adverse reactions or dying due to the vaccine it is the health issue that is causing them to have a reaction or die not the vaccine. So which is it? Dying due to underlying health issues, COVID or the vaccine?

  4. 1

    I mentioned before there is no one vaccine that have been made in one year or less, all the vaccines that we all have had, took several years to make it effective and 95% safe, people with chronic diseases like diabetes, heart problems, kidney failure, allergies, etc. they are in a very serious problems they definitely will have adverse events and or will die, what they did in Norway was an euthanasia’s, they said “yeah they will die eventually, who cares” however there is two vaccines which is a nasal spray that have been under the last stage (3) one is made in Australia and the other one is already made in Peru by Pravet Co. this one have been tried by the same Doctor who developed and he is alive, because he is not a big pharma no body want to believe but now the Government have put the USD$20M to build the lab. to make them, I am following him so, I will wait for that.

  5. 1

    It should be a matter of choice and I’m totally against mandatory vaccination. I would rather not spend my money on services if they require me to be vaccinated. At this stage my health is more important to me. Maybe once we do have proof that we need a vaccine for this and it’s a real danger to our health I would reconsider. For now I’m not convinced that we’re dealing with a pandemic – the simple fact is plain to see when looking at the number of tests, vs the number of cases and the number of deaths. I trust the Australian data on this. For example QLD had on their website recently 990,000 tests, 1400 cases and 8 deaths – all old and health compromised people. Compare this with a normal flu season which kills many old people each year, it’s not even a severe one.

    • 0

      Doo you want your loved ones to fire by drowning in their own mucus? Death by Covid is a lonely and very unpleasant way to go. Have you forgotten the fact that Covid also attacks the organs in a lot of people causing all sorts of dramas for people. Don’t put Covid in the not too bad illness category. It is a killer and causes permanent organ problems.

  6. 0

    Thank goodness for common sense. I don’t care if you have the vaccine or not, you run your own risks, I run mine. However I do care if you choose to avoid the vaccine, then increase the risk of me and my family catching Covid19 due to your self-righteous narcissistic social irresponsibility. Thankfully Charles Darwin provides a nice model to suggest that in circumstances like this the stupid should eventually breed themselves out.



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