Industry Super Funds

Superannuation is an incredibly useful way of saving for your retirement – but how do you know if you’re in the right fund?

The general consensus is that it is in your best interests to work for as long as possible in order to maximise contributions to super and grow your account balance to as high a figure as possible. With people generally living much longer, individuals who are nearing age 60 are likely to be invested for another 20 or 30 years and so should retain a superannuation or pension balance.

More than one million Aussies are set for a super shock: poll

The government's early access to super scheme could be weighed down by ineligible claims.

Super an ‘inefficient monster’ says economist as funds lift fees

As funds defend fee rises, senior economist and government minister go on the attack.

Five summer savings tips to boost your retirement

Make some super simple changes that could make a lifetime of difference in retirement.

Is your super fund now at the top of the super satisfaction list?

There have been some wild changes in the latest super satisfaction rankings.

Super changes needed now: Government urged to act fast

Parliament urged to use this sitting week to pass laws to protect super savings.

Incoming ALP senator wants a ban on for-profit super funds

ALP senate candidate urges industry super funds to force companies to pay tax.

Proposed super changes set to be costly for industry members

Deferred super changes ‘exactly the wrong model', says expert.

Age-based insurance premiums set to hit mature Aussies hard

Older workers to suffer from new insurance pricing policy.

Flawed new super rules a risk to consumers: Industry Super

The introduction of new disclosure laws risks muddying the superannuation waters.

Why is the Government so determined to break industry super?

The Government has revived its push to change industry super funds.

Latest APRA figures reveal industry super funds are still the best

The performance gap between industry and retail superannuation funds is widening.



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