Is your super fund in the top 10?

Independent research provider, SuperRatings, has released its annual report on the top performing super funds for the calendar year.

Catholic Super and HOSTPLUS came out as equal winners for the top returning super funds, both delivering a 10.1 per cent return for their members – returns well above the average balanced option return of 7.3 per cent.

Cbus, CareSuper and Sunsuper followed the equal winners, all performing above median performance with 9.6 per cent.

According to SuperRatings, Catholic Super and HOSTPLUS were the top returning super funds in 2016, delivering a 10.1 per cent gain for their members, compared to the median balanced option return of 7.3 per cent.  Catholic Super and HOSTPLUS were followed by Cbus (9.6 per cent), CareSuper (9.4 per cent) and Sunsuper (8.9 per cent) – all performing above median performance for their members over the year.

Super funds delivered better than expected returns for 2016, especially considering the sharp fall that followed Brexit and related global political upsets.

“Political upsets were the dominating theme of 2016, and this year we will see whether these trends carry over to the European continent,” said SuperRatings Chairman Jeff Bresnahan. “There will be no shortage of political events in 2017, and based on last year’s experience we can expect continued bouts of heightened volatility. However, like 2016, we may be surprised at the resilience of super funds and their ability to perform in a range of market conditions.”


Here are the top performing super funds of 2016

1. Catholic Super – Balanced 10.1 per cent

2. HOSTPLUS – Balanced 10.1 per cent

3. Cbus – Growth (Cbus MySuper) 9.6 per cent

4. CareSuper – Balanced 9.4 per cent

5. Sunsuper for Life – Balanced 8.9 per cent

6. EISS Super – Diversified 8.8 per cent

7. Energy Super – Balanced Option 8.8 per cent

8. Media Super – Balanced 8.7 per cent

9. Equip MyFuture – Balanced Growth 8.6 per cent

10. HESTA – Core Pool 8.4 per cent

Median Return = 7.3 per cent


How did you super fund perform? Is your super fund in the top 10?

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