The 2017 early super return report

Want to know how well your super fund has performed so far this year?

By the end of January 2017, superannuation funds may have posted minor negative returns. But the prospect of stronger returns is looking possible, as there are several promising indicators for the health of the Australian and global economies – which translates in to robust performance for super returns.

“In Australia, the economy appears to have entered 2017 on firmer footing, and we have seen further evidence that growth is at or slightly below trend,” said SuperRatings Chairman Jeff Bresnahan.

“The terms of trade have lifted, which has boosted national incomes, and in December we had our largest trade surplus since data began in 1971.

“In Australia, it is likely headline inflation has risen recently with higher commodity prices, but underlying measures are still below the RBA’stwo per cent target. If any future growth in prices is steady, it could be supportive of further growth, which would be positive for superannuation investors.”

Here are the super fund returns for periods to 31 January 2017.


Accumulation Returns

Pension Returns

Month of January 2017

– 0.1%

– 0.2%

Financial Year return to 31 January 2017



Rolling 1-year return to 31 January 2017



Rolling 3-year return to 31 January 2017



Rolling 5-year return to 31 January 2017



Rolling 7-year return to 31 January 2017



Rolling 10-year return to 31 January 2017




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