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Wasteful habits costing you hundreds

Millions of Australians are wasting hundreds of dollars each year through wasteful energy habits, according to a new report.

A few simple adjustments around the house could mean Australians would save a combined $3.2 billion a year, or around $850 per household.

The survey of 1019 people revealed that 18 per cent keep lights on in unoccupied rooms, 35 per cent use a dryer instead of a clothesline, 49 per cent keep appliances on at the power point even when they’re not in use, 49 per cent of Aussies aren’t reducing their shower time and 26 per cent keep windows and doors open while heating their home.

“Aussies are becoming increasingly savvy about their energy usage,” said Finder energy expert Graham Cooke. “This makes it all the more surprising that some are missing a few tricks to keep their bills down.

“With the average power bill now priced at $1338 per year, Aussies should be cutting back on electricity wherever they can.”

Mr Cooke said that for many Aussies, the laundry is the first place to look to cut power prices.

“Hot water is a big culprit when it comes to energy usage. Switching to cold water washes could save up to $150 per year, while ditching the clothes dryer could save you $79,” he said.

According to a recent Australian Bureau of Statistics report, the cost of energy increased by 18 per cent to $218 billion between 2016 and 2017 alone.

“Increasing energy prices mean that often, any savings you’re able to make on your usage will only cover the price increase. This means bills go sideways, not down,” said Mr Cooke.

“If Aussies don’t make the effort to cut back on power, their bills will only increase.

“Make sure your current provider is giving you good bang for your buck – otherwise it might be time to switch.”

The research highlighted simple ways to reap big savings on household energy usage, such as switching your globes to LEDs (save up to $160 per year for every 10 globes), taking shorter showers (save up to $120 per year), hanging washing on a clothesline instead of using a dryer (save up to $79 per year based on just one load per week), washing clothes with cold water (save up to $150 per year based on one load per week), and insulating your home (save up to $349.60 per year).

Other tips for lowering your energy costs include choosing energy-efficient appliances, avoiding power use during peak times (typically between 7am and 10pm depending on your provider) and getting to know your energy bill to see if you’re paying too much for your usage.

Another way to save money on your energy usage is to shop around for a better deal. There are many energy providers around Australia and reputable comparison sites can help you find a better option.

Are you guilty of any of these energy faux pas?

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