You could save up to $428* on your electricity bill

Got the shock of your life after getting your latest electricity bill?

Despite electricity prices plummeting in 2021, many Aussies aren’t seeing the results in their bills this year.

Did you know that there’s currently a massive $428* difference between the cheapest deals from energy retailers in parts of NSW? 

Residents of other states could also save serious money on their energy bills. Here’s a few examples:

  • South Australians can save as much as $357 below the DMO**.
  • South East Queenslanders can cut $278 from their bill by moving from a plan on the DMO**.
  • Some Victorians can save with electricity plans that are up to $302 cheaper than the Victorian Default Offer (VDO)**.

If you think you’re paying too much on your energy, you probably are. 

Can’t wait to benefit from a cheaper energy plan? Let our specialists at find you a better deal today.

*Number based on internal pricing data for NSW retailer single load plans in the Essential wholesale area, correct as of 31.08.21

**Based on single load pricing data per state, correct as of 31.08.21.

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