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Foods you’ve been eating wrongly

Many of us may be stuck in our ways when it comes to eating our favourite foods, but you may be surprised to discover you’ve been eating some foods wrongly this whole time. 

What if I told you you’ve been eating bananas wrongly this whole time? If you were to watch a monkey – the undisputed banana expert – peal one, you’d find that they pinch the little nub at the end of the fruit, not the stem. This splits the skin easily, allowing it to be peeled back to reveal the fruit.

Lemons and limes
You don’t need to be a pro wrestler to get all the juice out of your citrus, you just need a pair on tongs. Hold your half lemon between the arms of the tongs, facing down over a bowl. Squeeze the tongs closed and watch as juice pours out with ease.

While many of us love tacos, we’ve actually been eating them wrongly all along. Luckily, this tip also takes out a step in the preparation process to make the meal easier. Don’t bother chopping up your lettuce. Instead, wrap the lettuce slices around the outside of the taco shell. Cracks in the shell through which the juice inevitably pours, are now caught by the lettuce, helping to keep your hands clean while you eat.

Rather than using a slicer to remove the skin off your ginger, use a teaspoon. This way you lose less of the flesh and can use the skin for homebrew ginger tea.

Flip it. That’s right, rather than eating your burger the ‘right way up’ turn it upside down so the lid of the bun is facing downward. This piece of bread is generally thicker than the ‘bottom’ so it can absorb more juice and won’t become as soggy.

After reaching for your favourite cupcake, you may be faced with a dilemma – getting to the cake through all that icing. We often try to scoff down both at once, only to cover ourselves in icing. Food.ndtv.com recommend twisting the top part of the cake off and flipping it back over to create a cupcake sandwich. You may look a little odd, but you’ll be the only party guest without icing on their chin and you’ll be able to enjoy the icing with each bite.

Once again, the key here is to turn your food on its head. Rather than eating toast with the topping side up, flip it over. This way the flavour hits your tongue rather than the roof of your mouth.

If you love takeaway noodles, you may be surprised to find that the boxes they come in are designed to unfold into a plate, saving you the effort of using and dirtying dishes.

Peanut butter
If you use 100 per cent natural peanut butter, the chances are you’ve been storing it wrongly all along. The oils will separate and rise to the top of the jar, making it hard to use. However, if you store the jar lid-down then you’ll open it up to easily spreadable peanut butter every time.

As cute as watermelon triangles may look, they’re also hard to cut and impractical to eat. Instead, lay half a watermelon flat side down and cut it like a grid. This way you end up with a lot of longer rectangular pieces that are easier to eat.

Do you agree with these suggestions? Is there another food item you think we always eat wrongly?

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