Australia’s favourite supermarket named

Supermarkets often evoke strong emotions, both good and bad, but which is Australia’s favourite supermarket?

Canstar Blue surveyed just over 2500 Australians about the supermarkets they have visited in the past month and found, once again, that Aldi has the best customer satisfaction rating.

Canstar found the order of satisfaction was Aldi, Woolworths, Coles, IGA and then various other supermarkets.

It is the sixth straight year that the German supermarket giant has ranked first, and its 11th win since the awards began 13 years ago.

Aldi Australia group director Simon Padovani-Ginies said the retailer was proud to have maintained its leadership and satisfaction for customers at a time when they needed it most.

“Aldi has won a spot in the hearts and back pockets of Aussie shoppers through one simple and consistent commitment – high quality products at competitively low prices,” he said.

“Being credited as the only five-star rated supermarket shows our day in, day out commitment to deliver market-leading prices on high quality goods is resonating with our shoppers.

“We simply won’t be beaten on the cost of the weekly shop.”

Aldi rated five stars in all categories except range of products (three stars) and customer service (four stars).

The only category where IGA rated five stars was customer service.

Source: Canstar Blue

This week’s best deals


Sensible: Book Week. Yeah, I know, not groceries, but books, so almost as important to life. A great selection of classics from Dr Seuss, Spot and Where’s Wally to David Walliams books. Also classic titles such as Alice’s Adventure in WonderlandPeter Pan, Treasure Island and The Jungle Book. Priced from $4.99.

Indulgence: Ocean Royale Mussels in White Wine and Garlic Sauce, $3.99. Aldi fans go gaga for this one. Simple to cook – reheating only – and hard to top for a fancy snack.

See the catalogue here.


Sensible: Half-price sale. Loads and loads and loads of half-price lines this week from yoghurt to rice and dishwashing liquid to vitamins. Work up a sweat to tidy up your pantry and make room because it’s time to stock up shoppers.  

Indulgence: Sealord Frozen Fish varieties, $7, save $2. A bit fancier than your usual frozen fish and you pay for it. But it’s worth it, especially for people like me who don’t like handling fish. Goes gangbusters in the air fryer.

See the catalogue here.


Sensible: San Remo Pasta, selected varieties 375-500g, $2.50 each. I love the San Remo brand. It started with one bloke, Luigi Crotti, and his family in Adelaide who took a chance and started distributing to supermarkets in the 1950s. That must have been quite the leap. When I was growing up, pasta was still considered child’s food, best served with nothing more than cheese on top. From there it became one of Australia’s best-known brands. Reward them for their bravery and buy a pack this week.

Indulgence: Smith Chips 170g, better than half price, $2.40. Chips seem to be one of those items where there seems to be no ceiling when it comes to rising prices, so it’s good to see them on such a great special. Give us our salty snacks or give us death.

See the catalogue here.


Sensible: Golden Crumpets, half price $2.20. With winter nearly at its end, so will specials end on crumpets, muffins and oats. Get in while you still can.

Indulgence: Australian Pork Belly, $12/kg. Pork belly is one of those cuts no-one would have heard about 30 years ago but now we can’t get enough of it. Is it the delicious fat? Probably. For best results, cut it into bite-sized pieces, marinate and then bung it in the air fryer.

See the catalogue here.

Do you shop at Aldi? Do you enjoy the experience? Why not share your thoughts in the comments section below?

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