What are our best and worst frozen chips?

Remember when you wanted a hot chip, you either tediously made them yourself or bought minimum chips from the takeaway? Then, there came frozen chips, and we rejoiced.

After that, came a lot of different types of frozen chips – lots and lots – and we became a bit overwhelmed.

Well, those good people at CHOICE have taken all the stress out of choosing and have done a sterling job rating and taste-testing 34 types of frozen chips from Woolworths, Coles, Aldi and IGA for the very first time, to determine which are the best and which to avoid putting in your trolley.

The judges tested a variety of chips from across the four stores, covering battered, crinkle-cut, shoestring and straight-cut categories.

“With the cooler months coming, the classic oven chip is the perfect snack to keep you warm and toasty,” editorial director Mark Serrels said.

“There’s an overwhelming number of products available, so we’ve tested over 30 frozen chips, cooking them up in an air fryer, to see which ones are a must-try.

The CHOICE expert rating was determined by assessing appearance, aroma, flavour, and texture.

The best straight-cut frozen chip

A bag of chips on a white surface

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1. Birds Eye Golden Crunch Thin and Crispy Chips

CHOICE Expert Rating: 88 per cent. 

“Birds Eye Golden Crunch Thin and Crispy Chips took first place in our straight-cut category, receiving a score of 88 per cent. Our expert judges praised them for their golden colour and crispy and fluffy texture,” says Serrels. 

The best crinkle-cut frozen chip

A bag of potato chips

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1.Birds Eye Golden Crunch Crinkle Cut Chips

CHOICE Expert Rating: 85 per cent

“Birds Eye Golden Crunch Crinkle Cut Chips took first place in our crinkle cut category, with a score of 85 per cent. They scored well for their crunchiness and slightly salty flavour,” says Serrels.

The best shoestring frozen chip

A bag of french fries

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1.Woolworths Essentials French Fries

CHOICE Expert Rating: 66 per cent

“Woolworths Essentials French Fries scored 66 per cent in the shoestring category and were praised by our judges for their crispness, appealing colour and strong potato taste,” says Serrels.

The best beer-battered frozen chip 

A bag of chips

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1.Woolworths Australian Beer Batter Steakhouse Chips

CHOICE Expert Rating: 76 per cent

“Woolworths Australian Beer Batter Steakhouse Chips received a score of 76% in our battered category. They scored well for their delicious smell and they had a good balance of crispness and fluffiness,” says Serrels.

And now for the bad

The following frozen chips scored lowest in testing:

  • Shoestring category: Birds Eye Golden Crunch Microwave Shoestring Chips – 37 per cent
  • Crinkle-cut category: Aldi Seasons Pride Crinkle Cut Chips – 46 per cent
  • Straight-cut category: Aldi Seasons Pride Steak Cut Chips – 48 per cent
  • Beer-battered category: Potato Utopia Beer Batter Flavoured Fries – 56 per cent

“Our results show that just because one product performs well, others from the same brand might not necessarily have the same results, as shown by Birds Eye products taking first place in two categories but also receiving the lowest score in the shoestring chips category,” says Serrels.

Do you have a favourite frozen food? Why not share your experience in the comments section below?

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