Your favourite Aldi products revealed

Aldi has announced its customers’ favourite products and die-hard fans will not be surprised.

Aldi recently held its annual customer-voted rewards and not surprisingly, the list is dominated by fan favourites. A record 380,000-plus customers cast their votes across several different categories.

“This year we’ve had some new winners take the number one spot in their categories, including the super-convenient Seasons Pride Potato Gratin in the Time Lord category and our affordable Australian Jindurra Station Porterhouse Steak in the BBQ Boss category,” said Aldi Australia’s shopping expert Kylie Warnke.

Other section winners were:

  • The Life of the Party: Deli Originals Fresh Hommus 200g, $2.29
  • The Good Health Heroes: Yoguri Protein Yogurt 160g, $2.19
  • The Partner in Grime: Di-San Laundry Soaker 1kg, $3.69
  • The Socialite: Ready, Set… Cook! Boneless Butterflied RSPCA Approved Chicken, $9.99/kg
  • The Aussie Made Fave: Specially Selected Australian Beef 21 Days Aged Eye Fillet Steak, $48.99/kg
  • The Lunchbox Legend: Snackers Market Colby Cheese & Rice Crackers 4pk/100g, $3.99

I will personally vouch for the Di San laundry products. They will save you a bundle and apparently, the Di San Oxy Action Pre-Wash Stain Remover (the purple one) has a bit of a cult following.

Not only is it good for laundry oopsies, but it also cleans walls, shower glass, carpets, pet messes, tiles, around taps and even the toilet.

I am a believer. Unfortunately so is everyone else, which is why there is often a blank space where the miracle spray should be.

Boneless butterflied chicken is also a family fave. Just bung it in the oven for the recommended time on the pack and you’re done. Tips for first-timers is the Greek style, which is vastly superior to the mango version, and finish it off under the griller for an extra-crispy skin.

This week’s best deals


Sensible: Rana Porcini Tortellini, $7.99. A great deal of sensible offerings at Aldi this week – to my disappointment. No bonkers, weirdly named product I didn’t realise I never needed. In that spirit, this is a great filled pasta brand and sells for $9 on sale at other supermarkets. Great as a pasta, but also shapes up well to take a soup to the next level.

Indulgence: Advent Calendars, priced from $3.99. Get in early, these sell out every year, especially the branded offerings and the price is right. No-one in their right mind could confuse them with quality chocolates, but kids don’t care about that.

See the catalogue here.


Sensible: Cancer Council Sunscreen, $11.90, save $3.50. Can’t get much more sensible than sunscreen on sale.

Indulgence: Kleenex Wellbeing Facial Tissues, $3.95, scented and aloe vera tissues seem like an indulgence until you use them and then you wonder how you ever used anything else. So good on sore noses.

See the catalogue here.


Sensible: Avocado five-pack, $5. I’m guessing these aren’t the Rolls Royces of avocados, but at this price, you can have all the smashed avo you want without any guilt about paying your mortgage.

Indulgence: Whittaker’s Chocolate Slab, two for $3. I might give this a thrashing for their toasted coconut flavour alone.

See the catalogue here.


Sensible: Vege Deli Crisps, $3.25, save $3.25. I’m not sure why these are in the health food section. They seem to be just as fried as potato chips and putting ‘vege’ in the title doesn’t make them any healthier. However, they are delicious and add visual appeal to make you look like you’ve gone to some effort on a snack platter, so there’s that.

Indulgence: Cadbury sharepacks, $3, save $2. If you are one of those tragics who love Halloween – I’m not shaming you, I’m the worst – it’s time to start squirreling away ‘treats’ on special for the big day. These are a great start. Just remember to avoid the ones with peanuts unless you love looking at the inside of a courtroom. Kids and peanuts don’t mix anymore.

See the catalogue here.

What’s your favourite Aldi product? Is one of them listed here? Why not share your favourite in the comments section below?

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Written by Jan Fisher

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