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Activists rubbing their hands together with glee about Woolworths announcing a more than $1 billion write-off might want to look a bit further into the figures.

People who boycotted the chain over its decision to not stock Australia Day merchandise were all over social media claiming it was a result of their decision to shop elsewhere.

Clearly, reading past the headline is beneath them, otherwise they might have realised it wasn’t the action of a bunch of suburban warriors but a writedown of assets for the NZ supermarket operation and, as such, only an accounting ‘loss’ of NZ$1.6 billion. Still a loss, but Woolworths isn’t going under any time soon.

In fact, reading further into the figures, it becomes clear that Woolworths’ Australian grocery operation is doing just fine and is on track to post an even bigger profit than last year. Which, if you remember, was $1.62 billion.

However, Woolworths executives facing a grilling into gouging by the Senate Select Committee on Supermarket Pricing probably don’t want that too well known, and have been accused of wrapping that good news up in a cover of bad news.

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Did you boycott Woolworths over its decision about Australia Day merchandise? Why not share your opinion in the comments section below?

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  1. Yes….Up until Woolworths announcement that they would be boycotting Australia Day, I was a regular customer.
    Now I will be shopping Drakes or Coles………
    I am totally disgusted with Woolworths……..CEO should resign………..clearly he isnt reading the room……..how much did they spend supporting the referendum????

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