20 best news headlines of 2019

I’ve stopped watching the news. With 90 per cent of news being negative, the whole ordeal leaves me feeling pessimistic. People have a ‘negative bias’, which makes us more interested and responsive to dangerous situations. This means we are more likely to click on negative or scary headlines, allowing some news channels to profit from our fear. But the truth is, things aren’t all bad.

Bored Panda has created a list of the most positive news headlines of 2019. So, let’s finish off the year with the top 20.

1. Dancing away dementia
South Korea has introduced daytime disco parties for people over the age of 65 to help fight loneliness and dementia.

2. A one man forest
An Indian man planted a tree every day for 35 years. The result? He’s grown a forest bigger than central park! Who ever said a single person couldn’t make a difference?

3. Happy turtles
Sea turtle populations have increased by 980 per cent thanks to the Endangered Species Act.

4. No more stray dogs
The Netherlands has become the first country without stray dogs! If that’s not uplifting news I don’t know what is.

5. HIV has been cured in a second individual
After a successful stem cell transplant, a man living in London has become the second person in history to be cleared of the virus.

6.Roman railway
You can now pay for your metro ticket with plastic bottles in Rome. This initiative has allowed 350,000 bottles to be recycled so far.

7. Thanks for the donation!
Swedish blood donors now receive a text message when their blood is used to save a life. If you were walking down the street and were told that your donation of blood was saving another person’s life right that moment, would it make your more likely to donate again?

8. Iceland for equality
Iceland is the first country to legally enforce equal pay for all genders. About time!

9. A bee vaccine
We know bees are dying at alarming rates and that this could cause the collapse of nearly all ecosystems, but Finnish scientists have developed a vaccine that might just save the bees … and us!

10. Mushrooms to save us all
Scientists have discovered a mushroom that eats plastic. And, yes, we can eat it.

11. Fighting food waste
South Korea now recycles 95 per cent of its food waste, thanks to biodegradable bags and smart bins. This is a huge step up for their old two per cent recycle rate!

12. Taiwan is fighting for love
Taiwan has become the first country in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage. Now that’s a win.

13. Sniffer cell dogs
Dogs can detect cancer via smell with incredible accuracy.

14. Renewable energy on the rise
Around a third of all power globally is now provided by renewable energy sources.

15. Suicide rates drop
Since it peaked in 1994, the global suicide rate has dropped by 38 per cent. For perspective, that’s more than four million lives that have been saved.

16. Africa is lighting up
AfDB’s Solar Project aims to lift 90 million people in Africa out of energy poverty by connecting them to energy for the first time.

17. Bots for the Barrier Reef
LarvalBot, a swimming robot, is delivering baby corals to the Great Barrier Reef in the hopes of restoring them to their former glory.

18. Californian critters
In California it is now illegal to sell any cats, dogs or rabbits in pet stores that aren’t rescue or shelter animals.

19. Growing girls
An Indian village celebrates the birth of every girl by planting 111 trees. They’ve already planted over 350,000 trees!

20. Baby Rhinos
Seven eggs from the world’s last two northern white rhinos have been successfully fertilised.

For the full list check out boredpanda.com. What was the best news you received this year?

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