Five easy lifestyle changes

You don’t need to spend a lot of money or time to look after your wellbeing. Even simple, little changes can be incrementally effective. To reap the rewards, the key is to make them a part of your daily routine. Here are five suggestions.

1. Move
Recent studies show that sitting for hours on end is literally killing us. Consider becoming conscious of how much you move in a day, and if it’s not enough, add to it. For example, take the stairs instead of the escalator or lift; park your car a little further or walk to the next bus stop; garden, cook, walk the dog or declutter instead of watching TV; pace while on the phone; or get up to stretch for a couple of minutes after every hour of sitting.

Find out more at ScienceDaily.

2. Laugh
Some wise person once said, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Even though there is a study to prove it, you already know how glorious you feel when you laugh, right? Why not try hanging out with funny people more often, and watching short, funny video clips and sitcoms?

Read more at The Huffington Post. 

3. Eat mindfully
Do you eat on the run or while watching TV? Unfortunately, eating while distracted can make us consume more than we need. Not too great for the waist, is it? One way to change this modern-day habit is to eat at the dining table a few nights of the week without any diversions – which means no devices either. Try slowing down and paying attention to the tastes, aromas and textures of your food. By doing this you may notice a difference in the amount you eat as well.

Harvard Health Publications has more. 

4. Breathe
Are you rushing around on autopilot? This can make the breath shallow, which is indicative of high stress levels. Breathing deeply and fully can impart a sense of calm. See if you can carve out five minutes in between activities to notice your mood and breath, and give yourself time to recollect. Consider it a mini meditation. Why not take your breather outside, in nature? Or simply close your eyes and breathe for a few minutes.

Additional tips at The American Institute of Stress.

5. Appreciate
Understandably, it can be easy to get caught up in the things that go wrong each day. This can have a negative impact on the rest of your day if a bad mood sets in. Instead, try reflecting on one good thing which happened in the day. If it helps, you may also wish to keep a daily gratitude journal to note down anything for which you’re grateful. It doesn’t need to be long or onerous – even one sentence will do – and can have a positive effect on your psyche.

The New York Times shares more. 

What simple things do you do daily to look after your health? Will you add any of the above suggestions to your day?

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