The 2019 Melbourne Cup

The 2019 Melbourne Cup

The 2019 Melbourne Cup

Drew explains how to choose your horse this year.

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Friday Funnies: Cowboy classics

Friday Funnies: Cowboy classics

Friday Funnies: Cowboy classics

Cowboys, bulls, bikies and beer, these wild west wizzbangers will have you chuckling in your ...

What travel brings you

China Airlines’ new travel ad is twisted but funny

What travel brings you

Slightly twisted, but very funny – China Airlines takes a different approach to travel advertising.

Can you solve these 15 riddles?

Can you solve Friday Funnies’ 15 riddles?

Can you solve these 15 riddles?

Friday Funnies is fast, Friday Funnies is slow. When faced with these riddles, how will ...

Could we have handled this better?

Were we remiss in the way we presented our sex podcast?

Could we have handled this better?

We’re asking you if you were happy with the way we handled ‘Episode Sex’.


Friday Funnies: Science says

These are the funniest jokes out there, a study finds.

Science and snickers

Knights of the round table

This week, Friday Funnies steps back in time to visit Camelot and catches up with the Knights of the round table.

Camelot comedy

Quit horsing around

This week Friday Funnies gets into spring racing season with these hilarious horsey jokes.

Hilariously horsey


Win tickets to see MAMMA MIA!

The party of the year is coming to your town.

Win tickets!

Win a Navman EZY400LMT GPS

Navman’s simply irresistible EZY400LMT is user-friendly and packed with essentials.

Never get lost again

Win Murdoch Mysteries season 10

Enter our competition to Win a DVD boxset of Murdoch Mysteries season 10.

Win a DVD


Be careful what you ask for

A seemingly harmless request ends up in a hilarious internet ‘chain mail’ of funny photoshopped ‘answers’.

Eiffel Tower finger guy

Howling with laughter

In honour of International Dog Day earlier this week, Friday Funnies dives nose first into these hilarious dog pictures that will have you howling with laughter.

Bark out loud

Loneliness in old age

Petra Bensted has created this photo essay to highlight the loneliness felt by many older Australians.

Sundays are the worst!


Baggage handlers behaving badly

Do you ever worry about how your bag is handled once it’s checked in?

Keep calm and carry on

Trying the world’s worst delicacies

‘Sometimes, when a dish is local and doesn’t travel, those locals have got to ask themselves why it’s not travelling.’

Disgusting delicacies

Find your ‘not-so local’

‘Pubs are the beating heart of our local communities,’ says Airbnb spokesperson.

True blue BNBs

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