Space quiz: How much do you know?


Space quiz: How much do you know?

Test your knowledge –from the largest planet to what causes a supermoon.

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Tackling lockdown – piece by piece

Tackling lockdown – piece by piece

Tackling lockdown – piece by piece

Steve Perkin discovered the ‘joys’ of dissectology during lockdown. He explains.

Most divorceable wedding songs

The bride and groom sitting at a table in the water

Most divorceable wedding songs

It’s the ‘little things’ that lead to marriage failure, says first song study.

Things you know if you love the cinema

cinema seats

Things you know if you love the cinema

The many life lessons of the silver screen.

Distracting infotainment systems

The car accessories that make driving a danger

Distracting infotainment systems

Are in-car infotainment systems a distraction? Study reveals the truth.


Friday Funnies: A year of wonders

Contributor Peter Leith shares his favourite memes of 2020.

Mask and madness

Friday Funnies: Movie theatres

Why couldn’t Bach go to the theatre? Because he was baroque.

Better than the book

Friday Funnies: Friday 13

What would make Friday the 13th even scarier? If it were on a Monday.

Thirteenth floor


Greek-Style Pastitsio

Bake your own version of this classic dish for a chance to win!

Get set go bake!

And the winners are...

Find out if you're one of our latest competition winners.

Are you a winner?

Safeguarding against life’s uncertainties

Do you have life insurance? Why? Why not? Tell us what you think for your chance to win.

Win now


Friday Funnies: Safety fails

This week, Friday Funnies is making a public service announcement to please, please, be careful when fixing things up around the house.

Fix it fails

Be careful what you ask for

A seemingly harmless request ends up in a hilarious internet ‘chain mail’ of funny photoshopped ‘answers’.

Eiffel Tower finger guy

Howling with laughter

In honour of International Dog Day earlier this week, Friday Funnies dives nose first into these hilarious dog pictures that will have you howling with laughter.

Bark out loud


Explore Hong Kong’s Sharp Island

A natural treasure just a short boat ride away.

Just a boat ride away

Five songs for dads

YourLifeChoices has selected the top five songs about fathers.

Is your favourite song in this list?

Worst tourists caught on camera

We’ve all seen our fair share of terrible tourists, but these ones take the cake.

Cringeworthy clips

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