Origin of ‘speak of the devil’

the devil

Origin of ‘speak of the devil’

Find out how the saying ‘speak of the devil’ came into everyday language.

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Old dog learns new tricks

Steve Price has jungle epiphany

Old dog learns new tricks

Steve Price says older Australians can change their bad habits.

Idiom origin: ‘spick and span’

Spick and span clean nails

Idiom origin: ‘spick and span’

Looking for a clear-cut explanation for spic and span? This isn’t it.

Test your mettle

See what you’re made of by testing your mettle

Test your mettle

To test your mettle is to demonstrate resolve and determination; to be tenacious.

Obituary takes aim at Trump

Donald Trump making a funny face

Obituary takes aim at Trump

Ms Smith’s obituary included a not-so-subtle dig at 45th US President.


Famous figures ditch day jobs

Hilarity ensues when important figures trade places with others.

Just for fun!

20 of the best worst jokes ever

These 20 jokes are universally acclaimed – oh, who are we kidding – they’re just funny, alright?

Friday laugh-a-thon

Why didn’t the horse jump?

Today’s Friday Funnies will get you giggling.

Have a laugh!


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Perfectly Coordinated Couple

Style may be in the eye of the beholder, but this couple have it in spades.

Fabulous fashion

The world’s biggest food lies

When the food you order looks nothing like it does in the pictures.

Food fallacies

Amazing underwater pin-up photos

Can you believe these 1930s pin-up shots were taken under water?

Pin-ups under the sea


Rockin’ and roller skatin’ at 76

Watch the man who has mastered all the moves on two wheels!

Super skating!

A toast to our unknown champions

Have you ever heard of the world champion Darwin Ice Hockey Club?

Toasting the Territory

For the love of siblings

Siblings are our first friends and enemies, as these great siblings videos show.

To my dear sibling

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