Test your mettle

See what you’re made of by testing your mettle

Test your mettle

To test your mettle is to demonstrate resolve and determination; to be tenacious.

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Obituary takes aim at Trump

Donald Trump making a funny face

Obituary takes aim at Trump

Ms Smith’s obituary included a not-so-subtle dig at 45th US President.

‘Fake news’ named word of the year

Ball of scrunched up newspaper denoting fake news

‘Fake news’ named word of the year

Macquarie Dictionary has revealed its Word of the Year for 2016.

Do you know what ‘OK’ means?

Hand doing OK symbol

Do you know what ‘OK’ means?

You say it every day but do you know how OK originated?

Are you a ‘goody two shoes’?

It wasn’t always bad to be a ‘goody two shoes’

Are you a ‘goody two shoes’?

Being a ‘goody two shoes’ used to be a good thing – especially for kids.


Ten wacky wordplay jokes

The English language has a lot of room for interpretation.

Playin’ with words

10 ultimate dad jokes

A dad joke is a subtle thing; half humour, half missing the point.

Good one, Dad

10 jokes so bad, they’re good

We guarantee you’ll impress almost anyone with these 10 bad jokes.

Short and sweet


Win Scott & Bailey series 1–5

Enter our competition to win a Scott & Bailey series 1–5 DVD box set valued at $99.95.

Win a DVD box set

Friday Freebies: big bunch of books

Enter today's competition to win one of these fantastic titles.

Enter to win

Win Muhammad Ali: A Memoir

Enter our competition to win a copy of Michael Parkinson’s Muhammad Ali: A Memoir.

Memoir of a champion


Amazing underwater pin-up photos

Can you believe these 1930s pin-up shots were taken under water?

Pin-ups under the sea

Stunning artworks made from nature

Artist uses leaves, sticks and rocks to create stunning artworks.

Stunning artwork

We Aussies are an ingenious mob

Today, we pay homage to 10 Aussies who made the best of their situations.

No worries, mate


For the love of siblings

Siblings are our first friends and enemies, as these great siblings videos show.

To my dear sibling

How to pack a weekend bag

Anne shares some great tips for fitting everything you need, into a small bag.

Watch the video

Best tricks for cutting up fruit

The best and fastest way to cut up tricky mango, pineapple and pomegranate.

Serve it up!

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