Why Aussie actor will be a perfect Diana

Elizabeth Debicki and Princess Di

Why Aussie actor will be a perfect Diana

The Australian actor will star in the final two seasons of the hit series.

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Bizarre facts about cats

An excited kitten

Bizarre facts about cats

Do they really land on their feet? Does their urine really glow in the dark?

Sexiest screen stars over 60

Age does not weary them – sexiest screen stars over 60

Sexiest screen stars over 60

Survey reveals the ‘golden oldies’ who get our pulses racing the fastest.

When postcards were king

Remember holiday postcards? These photos will make you smile

When postcards were king

Fragments of life in real messages from old postcards.

The mangling of our language

Word or phrase Carjacking in a dictionary

The mangling of our language

Richard Burrell has a question for journalists who use the term ‘carjacking’.


The pure bread dog

What do you call a musician with problems? A trebled man.

Just you wait!

Toilet humour

Somebody has stolen my toilet seat … the police have nothing to go on.

Poo humour

Cartoons to make you chuckle

Cartoons and comedy to get you through the COVID blues.

Comedic cartoons


And the winners are...

Find out if you're one of our latest competition winners.

Are you a winner?

Safeguarding against life’s uncertainties

Do you have life insurance? Why? Why not? Tell us what you think for your chance to win.

Win now

Win tickets to see MAMMA MIA!

The party of the year is coming to your town.

Win tickets!


Friday Funnies: Safety fails

This week, Friday Funnies is making a public service announcement to please, please, be careful when fixing things up around the house.

Fix it fails

Be careful what you ask for

A seemingly harmless request ends up in a hilarious internet ‘chain mail’ of funny photoshopped ‘answers’.

Eiffel Tower finger guy

Howling with laughter

In honour of International Dog Day earlier this week, Friday Funnies dives nose first into these hilarious dog pictures that will have you howling with laughter.

Bark out loud


Five songs for dads

YourLifeChoices has selected the top five songs about fathers.

Is your favourite song in this list?

Worst tourists caught on camera

We’ve all seen our fair share of terrible tourists, but these ones take the cake.

Cringeworthy clips

We love Vilnius' new travel campaign

Whomever is behind the latest ads promoting Vilnius deserves another award.

Amazing wherever it is

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