Friday Funnies gets demotivational

These demotivational posters may not inspire you, but they will make you laugh.

Friday Funnies: Short jokes for the shortest month

Be warned, some of these shorties are naughty.

How to take great pictures of gardens

Capture the outdoor world on camera.

Fact or fantasy? Ten films to escape into

Five films based on fact, and five on pure fantasy.

Friday Funnies cracks the file on our financially focused fiscal friends

Enjoy these jokes at the expense of our financially focused fiscal friends.

Five romantic movie locations

And how to find them

Friday funnies: A lot of love, a little laughter

A lot of love, a little laughter.

Friday Funnies: A rain of terror

Why did the cloud date the fog? Because he was so down to earth.

Five things COVID is making obsolete

As the pandemic stretches on, the likelihood of these things returning shrinks.

Friday Funnies: The barista and the spoon

What's the difference between coffee and your opinion? I asked for coffee.

Sir Bob Geldof on grief, fame and getting through it all

Sir Bob talks about the scourge of social media and the plight of the planet.

Why the royal family retreats to Scotland every year

Cairngorms National Park promises calm, quiet and the freedom of space.

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