The five stages of losing your Airbnb virginity

Nervous, excited, smug, you'll feel it all.

Friday Funnies: Star signs

These jokes were written in the stars.

Jenny Eclair: 'Middle-aged women aren't invisible, they are just ignor

'I quite admire myself as a young woman because I never gave up.'

Friday Funnies: Workplace banter

Jokes from the office and beyond.

Where you should travel in 2021, according to your star sign

Stuck for travel inspiration? Why not follow the stars?

Friday Funnies: Naughty jokes

Continue at your own discretion.

Is it wrong to make a film about the Port Arthur massacre?

A trauma expert gives his perspective.

Friday Funnies: Peter strikes again

Contributor Peter Leith shares his favourite memes of 2020.

Why it's totally okay to go to bed before midnight on New Year's Eve

Enjoy your early night and wake up with a clear head in 2021.

Things that always happen between Christmas and New Year

Is it okay to watch Love Actually twice?

Friday Funnies: Santa free Christmas crackers

Fun Christmas crackers jokes that won't make you cringe.

Five Christmas games to get all the family off the sofa

Don't slump in front of the TV after Christmas dinner, try these fun family games.

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