How many of these viral videos have you watched before?

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Forget about finding the best year for movies, entertainment site went on a mission to discover the best year for internet videos and they decided upon 2007.

One of the year’s most remembered videos was inspired by the torrid time endured by pop diva Britney Spears.

A 19-year-old Chris Crocker shot to fame for this impassioned plea to cut the beleaguered pop star some slack.

Not all of the videos that went viral in 2007, were shot in that year. One of the most popular videos of the time featured a cat called Fatso playing a synthesizer.

The footage of the now famous ‘Keyboard Cat’ was originally shot in 1984, but became the go-to clip to add to any footage involving an embarrassing gaffe.

As with all viral videos, it is sometimes difficult to fathom what makes them so incredibly popular. A relatively simple video of a toddler and his baby brother is hardly a ground-breaking video. But the now-famous ‘Charlie bit my finger’ video has been viewed an incredible 852,707,328 times!

Ten years ago the thought of Donald Trump becoming president would have been unfathomable. We should have seen the warning signs when we realised Miss Teen USA contestants would be eligible to vote:

Not all of the viral clips in 2007 were limited to YouTube. A short comedy film featuring actor Will Ferrell debuted on web site Funny or Die, and was an instant success. We won’t give the game away but this one is definitely worthwhile if you haven’t seen it before:

How many of these videos have you seen before? What are your favourite viral videos?

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