Friday Funnies: A rain of terror

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It’s National Weatherperson’s Day. If you weren’t aware that this is a day we celebrate, you’re definitely not alone.

But in true Friday Funnies fashion, we’ve jumped onboard the bandwagon to tell our favourite – somewhat cheesy, somewhat cheeky – weather related jokes.

What do you call a month’s worth of rain?

What do you call dangerous precipitation?
A rain of terror.

What did the Mexican weather reporter predict?
Chilli today and hot tamale.

What do you call a bear that’s been out in the rain?
A drizzly bear!

What goes up when the rain comes down?
An umbrella.

What did the hipster weather reporter say?
I liked the weather before it was cool.

What did one raindrop say to the other?
Two’s company, three’s a cloud.

Why did the man go outside with his wallet open?
Because the weather reporter said there’d be change in the weather.

A cow was lifted into the air by a hurricane.
It was an udder disaster.

What did the hurricane say to the coconut palm?
Hold onto your nuts, this is no ordinary blow job!

Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight. Blue sky at night, day.
Humourist Tom Parry

Don’t give the Melbourne weather a hard time.
If it didn’t change six times a day, most Melburnians couldn’t start a conversation.

Did we forget any of your favourite jokes? Share them in the comment section below.

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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