Carer payment and the Age Pension

Bill’s wife is now eligible for the Age Pension, but, as her carer, he is wondering how the switch will affect his claim for the Carer Payment 

Q. Bill

My wife who is currently on a Disability Support Pension is now eligible for the Age Pension. I am currently her carer and receive the Carer Payment, so how will this affect me when she moves to the Age Pension?

A. Assuming your wife’s condition does not change and you still meet the eligibility criteria for the Carer Payment, you will continue to receive this payment regardless of whether your wife receives the Age Pension or Disability Support Pension. The eligibility basics are:

  • you provide care in the home for someone who has a severe disability, medical condition or who requires aged care
  • you personally provide care for a significant period of time, usually a minimum of six months
  • you fall below the income and asset test thresholds.


You can view the details of income and asset limits by visiting

Written by Debbie McTaggart

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