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Centrelink, is one of the agencies (Medicare and Child Support the other two), which operates under the banner of the Department of Human Service and is responsible for assessing the eligibility for and processing payment of social security benefits.

Such benefit payments that relate to older Australians include (but are not limited to): 

  • Age Pension – paid to those over the age of 65 as a means of retirement income support. Eligibility for the payment is subject to certain criteria, such as residency and asset and income assessment.
  • Newstart Allowance – paid to those who have not yet reached Age Pension eligibility age (65) but who no longer work or work limited hours.
  • Disability Support Pension – paid to those who cannot work due to incapacity, limited mobility or long-term illness and is subject to a medical assessment and similar eligibility criteria to the Age Pension.
  • Carer Payment – paid to those who provide full time, at home care for someone who is disabled, frail or requires aged care.
  • Carer Allowance – paid to those who provide daily care, which may be in additional to profession care, in the home to someone with a disability, medical condition or requires aged care.
  • Rent Assistance – paid to those in receipt of a qualifying payment and who require additional assistance to meet their accommodation rental payments.


All Centrelink payments are subject to eligibility, which can revolve around, age, residency, income and assets, medical conditions, work status and the eligibility of those who require care. For certain payment, such as the Age Pension and Newstart, you will be required to report the hours you work and income you receive each fortnight. And for all payments, you will need to advise Centrelink if you are planning to travel overseas.

Generally, payments can be applied for and managed online, through Centrelink’s online services. To use this function, you will need to have a Centrelink account and in the near future, will also require a MyGov account to access such services.

Centrelink can also provide assistance to those who find themselves in financial difficulty, by arranging emergency or advance payments. For those who are entering retirement, Centrelink’s Financial Information Service runs seminars across the country and can help you access information on how to plan and manage your retirement income and savings. This service is free of charge and you don't have to be a current Centrelink customer to access.

Depending on which payment you receive, you will also be issued with a concession card, which Centrelink also administers. Even if you're not eligible for an income support payment, you may still receive a concession card if your income is below the required thresholds for the card that best suits your circumstance. 


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Centrelink plans to reduce wait times

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Centrelink plans to reduce wait times

New OCR technology could significantly reduce Centrelink and Medicare wait times.

Special partner provisions

Can you apply for special treatment to be treated as a single?

Special partner provisions

Michael’s change in relationship status has seen his pension cut and he wants a solution.

Centrelink facial ID fears grow

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Centrelink facial ID fears grow

The expansion of controversial ID measures is criticised as dangerous and intrusive.

Am I a non-homeowner?

Can you own property and still be a non-homeowner?

Am I a non-homeowner?

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Allowable Earnings

Low Income Health Care Card

You may qualify for a Low Income Health Care Card if your income falls below the qualifying limits.

Do you qualify?

Would Centrelink changes affect you?

As government funds for bushfire relief put the budget surplus in doubt, changes to the way welfare recipients report income have been proposed.

Earnings switch

How are shares assessed?

David has had a big share market win but is now worried about his pension payment.

Share surprise

Carer Payments

Carer Allowance explained

If you give daily care to somebody in need, you may be eligible for the Carer Allowance.

Care support

How much money can a carer earn?

Kevin wants to know what the rules are regarding work and carers’ payments.

How much work?

Can you get work bonus on DSP?

Joe receives a carer’s payment and wants to know if he can work without losing any money.

Work bonus worry

Centrelink News

Who the supplement cut will hurt most

Expert modelling reveals hundreds of thousands set to go back below the poverty line.

Not so happy new year

Royal commission into robo-debt?

Government settles class action against robo-debt for $1.2 billion.

Who was responsible?

Christmas cut to income support

JobSeeker coronavirus supplement to be extended into next year, but at a reduced rate.

Further cuts

Compensation Payments

When will the energy payment be paid?

The one-off Energy Assistance Payment is due to hit bank accounts soon.

Money in the bank?

Deeming rates for Age Pension

Calls for deeming rate cuts

Association of Independent Retirees calls rate cut ‘a kick in the guts’ for retirees.

‘Kick in the guts’

How often is deeming applied?

Wendy has an account-based share portfolio and wants to know if deeming is different.

Different treatment

When does deeming apply?

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Widow Allowance

Reapplying for widow’s allowance

Corinne lost her widow’s allowance when travelling overseas. Can she get it back?

Travel penalty

Centrelink cuts coming your way

Centrelink is scrapping one payment, refusing to backdate another: are you affected?

Benefits amended

Widow’s Allowance

Will a one off $5600 share payment affect my Widow's Allowance?

Centrelink responds

Work Bonus

How much Work Bonus in the bank?

Christine is considering some casual work but isn't sure exactly how much she is allowed to earn before it affects her pension payments.

Centrelink Q&A

How to work without losing pension

Changes in 2019 will help pensioners like Rod continue to work.

Ringing in the changes

Work Bonus promise

Many promises were made during the recent Federal Election campaign.

Was it delivered?

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