Allowable Earnings

Low Income Health Care Card

You may qualify for a Low Income Health Care Card if your income falls below the qualifying limits.

Would Centrelink changes affect you?

As government funds for bushfire relief put the budget surplus in doubt, changes to the way

How are shares assessed?

David has had a big share market win but is now worried about his pension payment.

How does Uber affect work bonus?

Joe is wondering how the Work Bonus applies to driving an Uber.

How is a loan repayment assessed?

Will your Age Pension be affected by a lump-sum loan repayment from one of your children?

Can you get work bonus on DSP?

Joe receives a carer's payment and wants to know if he can work without losing any money.

Work bonus – Should I continue working after pension age?

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Tom wants to know if the work bonus makes it worthwhile continuing to

Centrelink asset classes

Maureen is contemplating a move to over 50s accommodation. n



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