Centrelink News

How your superannuation affects the Age Pension

Services Australia chief explains how lump sum withdrawals affect the Age Pension.

Major changes to Centrelink payments announced

Payments to end, but the rug won't be completely pulled from under recipients.

How selling and downsizing affect your Age Pension

If you're a retiree, there might come a time when you decide to sell your home.

Centrelink bid to chase decades-old debt from 72-year-old's estate

Centrelink eventually forced to wipe disturbing debt after acknowledging 'mistake'.

Government assistance failing older Australians

More older Aussies are in rent stress due to 'inequitable' payment, says welfare group.

Australia's most vulnerable die waiting for Centrelink payments

'You'd think that this process would be expedited': Greens' senator.

Services Australia warns of realistic myGov impersonation scam

How to spot these sophisticated fake emails and what to do if you get one.

PM promises Budget funds for myGov makeover

Lengthy wait times for government services may be a thing of the past.

Can you use a private valuer to assess excess land?

Wayne wants information on how excess land on his property will be valued.

Centrelink wait times, queues, tipped to blow out post JobKeeper

Post-JobKeeper, unemployment could head north of 7 per cent. Here's why.

Government toying with major reform to Centrelink payments

Option to reform welfare payments could make life a lot easier.

Centrelink resumes debt-chasing from Monday 1 February

Repayments are set to begin over the next week or so.

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