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Age Pension update: increases and changes from 20 September 2019

Changes to the Age Pension that will come into effect on 20 September 2019.

Changes to Newstart rates and thresholds

From 20 September 2019, Newstart rates and thresholds will be indexed.

Pension boost is unlikely to help many older Australians

Freedom of Information documents reveal the change to deeming rates is insignificant.

Older Aussies may not be exempt from proposed welfare changes

Older welfare recipients could soon be subject to drug tests and lose access to cash under planned

Older Aussies receiving welfare more likely to have poor health

People receiving welfare are more likely to have multiple health conditions.

Centrelink’s controversial robo-debt scheme hits new low

Centrelink's robo-debt scheme has ramped up a notch: QC.

Robo-debt whistleblowers lift the lid on the controversial scheme

Compliance officers claim they were routinely shamed for not reaching daily targets.

Pensioners could be Centrelink’s next target: leaked documents

‘Estimated savings over the forward estimates cannot be achieved without undertaking sensitive cohort

Age pensioners set to get a pay rise

Pensioners will have two reasons to smile in September with the scheduled increase to the pension

What you need to know about retiring to a mobile home

The Centrelink rules that apply if you have a caravan park address.

Your Medicare records are now being used in debt checks

DHS denies the Government uses Medicare data in a debt-recovery program.

Looking for work? Head to Dubbo

Deputy PM tells jobless there is plenty of work on offer in rural Australia.

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