No charge for Centrelink statements

Media reports suggest Centrelink are about to start charging for mailed statements.

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Bert is just one of the YOURLifeChoices members who emailed us about media reports that Centrelink will start charging for mailed statements.  Is he right to be concerned?

From July 2012 Centrelink will use its website as a way of communicating payment information in a push to become more efficient and less reliant on paper. Victorian MP Sharman Stone stated that the welfare agency would start to charge $3.50 to provide a paper statement and this was repeated across the general media.

In a statement yesterday, Human Services Minister Kim Carr dismissed such claims as false, stating “claims circulating that it will now cost customers $3.50 for a statement are completely untrue. There will be no charge for hard-copy statements to be sent to people.''

If you are unsure about using Centrelink Online Services and wish to ensure you still receive your statements by mail, you should contact a Centrelink Financial Services office on 13 2300.


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    17th Apr 2012
    I just received a pamphlet from the Department of Human Services and Centrelink. It advises that from June 2012 you will be able to access your Centrelink statement online from or phone 132 468. It advises that future statements will NOT be posted. To register, you will need your CRN number which is printed on the top of your Centrelink letters. You can still request a paper copy of your statement when online by using the "Request A Document" services in "Online Services".
    17th Apr 2012
    How insane. My 92 yo aunt, who has never touched a computer in her life, was until 6 months ago still managing all her Centrelink documentation. How are others in her situation going to cope?
    18th Apr 2012
    Yes, he is right to be concerned. My husband and I are always being sent dupilicated statements, and as they are sometimes wrong, we end up having to visit Centrelink anyway.
    18th Apr 2012
    I only need my statement if I want to do something, like a rent review with QH. I think the govt should ask people what they prefer. I would be happy to get it online, and go to a Centrelink office if I have a problem and need a printout. Some people like Vaycee's aunt will never get it via com puter, but I think these people are really in the minority these days. No-one needs a statement every time. How about we get the govt to increase our pensions and help out by only getting a statement when we actually need it!
    18th Apr 2012
    MargretaZ I think you would be amazed how many people do not own a computer. I teach seniors how to use them and have had students 80+ because they are being 'pushed' to use them and don't really want to. However, I do agree they would be in the minority, but I still don't think that is reason enough for them to be charged for not using a service that is beyond them.
    18th Apr 2012
    That's pretty much the thing though isn't it. It should be a choice.

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