Social reaction: Aged care reaction and who missed out

The Federal Budget certainly marked a change in tune for the government, with debt and spending now seen as necessary to get Australia back on its feet.

But is the money being spent in the right places and is it enough? Here is some of the social media reaction.

Aged care
One of the biggest announcements on the night was a massive funding boost for aged care.

The royal commission found that more money was needed in the sector, but did the Budget announcement meet those needs?

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What the Opposition had to say

Long memories

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The real agenda

And on the lighter side of social media …

What was missing?
As always when it comes to the Budget, it isn’t the announcements themselves that receive the most complaints, but the areas that were ignored.

Here were some of the areas that people thought deserved greater attention.

What do you think? Have the social commentators nailed the feeling of all Australians on Budget 2021? Have your say in the comments section below.

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Written by Ben