What you told us about the Budget

We asked for your assessment of the Federal Budget and found many believed it was fair given the times we live in – with some exceptions.


Buggsie: This is an election budget, full of promises and short on real action. It’s likely to fall apart if further health issues related to COVID-19 occur. Business will take all it can get, keep as much as possible, employ as few casual workers as they can get away with, and pay as little as possible. Most people, if they have any common sense, will save any gains to prepare for future lean times ahead …

PlanB: I am one that is STILL awaiting home care and have been for 15 months now and a dear friend of mine died last week – waited 18 months and still had not got any care at all. It is a bloody disgrace …

Alec: What about pushing for an increase in the income threshold for people over 65 years of age to enable them to get the Commonwealth Seniors Card and the Health Care Card … and ensure greater access to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Seheme?

Andrew: In relation to being a mature age worker aged 58, who has been unemployed now for 12 months after 35 years in one industry, I can’t get a job interview. I have no intention of returning to my old industry (auto repairs and servicing) because of customers, so trying to change industry adds to my dilemma. I’m lucky if I get a response to an application!

Farside: Some heroic assumptions on those job forecasts. The rich won’t spend the tax cuts on more services, small businesses struggling to make payroll are not going to invest and employ in absence of increased demand, meanwhile the capital intensive industries and shareholders are chuckling all the way to the bank.

Jim: Fair budget. Some will complain that certain areas were not helped enough, some will complain that tax cuts have gone to the wrong end of town. At the end of the day, most have got something. I think one area could and should have benefitted from the downturn in the economy, and that would have been in public housing. I am a firm believer that governments should be building houses for older Australians that have fallen through the cracks for a variety of reasons. The building of the houses would create jobs, and older people would pay rent at an affordable rate and not be subject to the ridiculous rise in rents that happens every time there is a small increase in the pension …

deepred: This is as good as we could possibly hope for in this one-off difficult climate. Some people will always want more (we got next to nothing as self-funded retirees other than a few dollars [in] future tax saving) but overall I think it’s pretty generous. Only complaint might be a wish for more home-based care packages, but we can’t have everything.

Suddha: In these difficult times, I believe the Budget is spot on. Getting jobs back is very important.

Sophie: Not everyone will be pleased, however, all things considered, I think it’s a pretty fair budget. Having said that, I am disappointed social housing was not one of the winners.

Everyday girl: Why is it that people are complaining about older people not getting jobs or help, we should be concentrating on getting young people into the work force not sitting on their backsides collecting money for nothing. Of course Labor have BOOED it, not that they would have done better …

BigAl: It doesn’t matter what the government does, greedy Aussies will want more. It doesn’t matter if you vote Liberal or Labor anymore, it’s the same stupid insane policies. Might as well get a helicopter and fly over the country dropping money … No reward for working hard!! If you keep rewarding stupidity you’ll get more of it in spades!! Whatever happened to tolerance, respect and humility?

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