Interstate transport concessions explained

Splitting his time between NSW and Victoria, Greg is unsure in which state he should apply for his Seniors Card and whether he can receive public transport concessions in both states.

Q. Greg

Can you help me out re the Seniors Card please?

I will be 60 later in the year and for the past five years I have been equally dividing my time between living in NSW and Victoria.

Unfortunately, I know I cannot work anymore and am ineligible for the the Disability Support Pension as I am over the new asset threshold.

However, any public transport concession would be a help. When in Melbourne, (for health/medical appointments) I use my myki and pay full fare, and in NSW (where I own a house) the $2.50 concession into Nowra would be very handy.

I am on the voting roll in Victoria and my Medicare card has my old Victorian address even though I live in NSW for half the year.

If I get a Seniors Card in one state, can I use it on public transport in the other state?

A. The good news is that a scheme still exists to allow you to access concessions in both states, regardless of where your card is issued. While many of the concession offered in both states are the same for residents and interstate visitors, both Victoria and NSW offer a few additional perks if you actually have a Seniors Card issued in that state.

For full details of which concessions are offered in each state, read our Guide to transport concessions.

Also, although you exceed the asset threshold for the Disability Support Pension, you may be able to claim a Low Income Health Care Card if your income is below the required limits.

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