Making a funeral more personal

Will your final send-off capture the essence of your life, to share with those who knew you, or will it stand out because so much was left unsaid and uncelebrated?

More than 3400 individuals responded to a recent online Grief and Loss survey and their responses show that many of us are giving deep thought to our final send-off yet too many haven’t taken any further steps.

Ninety-two per cent of respondents have given thought to their own death and 67 per cent have some specific end of life wishes; including regarding who should deliver the eulogy, whether or not to include photographs or video into the funeral service, as well as other funeral aspects such as who should be pallbearers, ideas for the wake, and even what vehicles to use.  

Yet when it comes to locking in all of these personal choices, to create a funeral service we would be happy to share with others, only 41 per cent have taken a step towards communicating those wishes.

So the first significant benefit to come from personalising your funeral is that your express wishes and choices will be followed, allowing you to share what you would like; be it a colourful theme for the service; or perhaps your choice of your favourite place as the venue for the funeral.

The next significant benefit of personalising your funeral is that you will have left a legacy of care for those you will leave behind, with your express choices relieving them from making important decisions during the often tumultuous time that follows a loved one’s passing.

The best way to record your wishes so that they will become the elements of an actual funeral service is with a prepaid funeral plan. White Lady Funerals is offering a special offer of $500* off their prepaid funeral plans, to make it even easier for you to ensure your wishes and take care of those who you leave behind.

*Terms and conditions: Does not apply to any other promotional offer. The discount of $500 applies to the funeral directors professional fees only. Valid for a prepaid funeral contract signed by 31 July 2016.

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