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Did you know that you could arrange a White Lady Funeral prepaid funeral for a dependant? This can be of great assistance to those who are helping to look after someone with high care needs or who is about to go into care.

There are many benefits to considering the funeral arrangements of someone for whom you care. Not only can you make sure they get the funeral that reflects who they are, delivered exactly the way they want, but it also provides both of you peace of mind and an easing of the burden when the time comes.

Whether you are the husband or wife, son or daughter, or even the parent of someone who is ill, or in need of long-term care, then perennial concerns can include matters such as: “what can I do now to make the future easier for my family?” and “who can I rely on to make important decisions on their behalf after I am gone?”

Well, by taking out a prepaid funeral from White Lady Funerals, you are able to take care of the funeral plans of someone who relies on you. White Lady Funerals specialises in sitting with families to, in their own time, create a tailored prepaid funeral that incorporates all of your wishes, interests and passions, and records these in a funeral agreement that is followed to the letter when the time is needed.

When we make our own funeral arrangements, we leave a powerful legacy for those who we will leave behind. And when we do this for a dependant, not only do we provide them with the opportunity to set down their own wishes, but we are also ensuring that White Lady Funerals will be there to care for us and all we hold dear, in the aftermath of a dependant’s passing.

It can be of enormous comfort to know that a dependant’s affairs are all in order, just as it is when ours are too.

Call White Lady Funerals today on 1300 656 550 to find out more about prepaid funeral, for yourself or for a dependant.



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