Home Caring helps Australians age well at home

Most people over 50 want to live at home as they age, but many haven’t thought about what services they need to make this possible.

A poll by the University of Michigan’s Institute for Healthcare Policy found 88 percent of people aged 50 to 80 wanted to live in their homes for as long as possible. But only 15 percent had properly considered how their home may need to be modified as they age, while 48 percent of those who live alone said they didn’t have someone to help them with personal care.

It’s a similar story in Australia. While most seniors prefer to age at home, a study by National Seniors Australia found 70 percent of seniors had never visited the My Aged Care website, the starting point for accessing government-funded home care.

Home Caring provides personalised care services for people who wish to age at home rather than moving into aged care facility to receive care.

An experienced team of carers and health professionals provide support based on each person’s individual need, such as housework assistance, transport to appointments, home modifications, help with daily tasks, personal care, medical services and social outings. Services are available through government-funded Home Care Packages, making it an affordable option for home care.

Michaela Brown, Group Chief Operating Officer of Home Caring, says each client has an individualised plan with services that suits their circumstances. “We base our services around what our customers need to be happy, healthy and independent, so they can continue living at home in the way they choose,” said Ms Brown.

“Given more Australians want to age at home, we encourage people explore their options as those who need help at home may not realise that services like ours are available.”

For more information, visit the Home Caring website.

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