Best drinks for weight loss

If you’re sick of being bombarded by dodgy adverts for questionable ‘skinny pills’ or ‘detox teas’ that claim instant weight loss, but have secretly wished a healthy or natural alternative existed, then look no further. Here are six drinks that could boost your metabolism and, when paired with a healthy lifestyle, might just help you naturally reach your weight-loss goals.

Along with being the biggest source of antioxidants for those on a western diet, coffee has recognised positive impacts on overall health, mood and, yes … weight loss. Studies show that caffeine is proven to aid fat burning, can boost your rate of metabolism by 3–11 per cent, and can increase fat burning by up to 13 per cent. There’s about 10mg of caffeine in the average latte or cappuccino and 200mg in a long black, so consuming 300mg of caffeine a day may help to burn an extra 79 calories a day.

Green Tea
Healthline reviewed a number of studies on the impact of green tea, and along with being packed with antioxidants, able to improve brain function and health, lower your risk of a number of illnesses and maybe even extend your life, green tea can also seriously help on your weight loss journey. The caffeine in the tea metabolises fatty acids in fat tissue, making them an available energy source, increasing overall fat burning and promoting weight loss. While some studies claim an average of 3.5kg weight loss over 12 weeks of regular green tea consumption, others have failed to find a link between the two. Remember that people respond differently to input, and results may manifest in diverse ways.

Protein packed
Protein powers don’t have to be paired with the ‘gym junkie’ lifestyle to have positive impacts on your health and help you lose weight. A double-blind study revealed that when 56 grams of whey protein was consumed every day by overweight individuals for 23 weeks they lost on average 2.3kgs more fat than the control group. While whey – a milk protein – was identified to have a greater impact on weight loss compared to other types of protein powders during this study, other protein-rich drinks are known to suppress appetite by decreasing ghrelin, the hunger hormone.

Yes, we’ve all had the health benefits of water drilled into us from a young age, but aside from being one of the best and easiest things to drink to improve your overall health, its weight loss benefits might just re-spark your interest. According to an American study that sampled 48 overweight adults, those who drink two cups of water before each meal while following a low calorie diet lost on average 44 per cent more weight than those who didn’t.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar boosts the metabolism, decreases insulin levels, helps to burn fat, and can slow the movement of food from the stomach, helping you to feel fuller for longer. While research around the impact of apple cider vinegar has proven to decrease fat accumulation and prevent weight gain in animals, it is somewhat limited with humans. However, one study by the Mizkan Group Corporation in Japan found that consuming two tablespoons of the vinegar a day can result in reduced belly fat, waist circumference and overall body weight.

The only catch is the taste. It’s strong, tastes far more like vinegar than apple and, if drunk alone, can burn your throat. We recommend mixing two table spoons into a tall glass of water with some ice and a wedge of lemon, and drinking it half an hour before a meal. Make sure you have another glass of plain water after to remove the acid from your mouth and help protect your teeth.

Mint and Ginger Tea
It’s long been common knowledge that mint acts as an appetite suppressant, but surprisingly, so does ginger. Ginger increases the number of calories used in the body’s digestive system. Tea, ground ginger mixed into water, fresh mint leaves and hot water work to suppress appetites, helping to limit over-eating and assist in weight loss.

Have you tried any of these drinks to support weight loss in the past? Are there any that we have missed that you would recommend to other readers?

Disclaimer: This article contains general information about health issues and is not advice. For health advice, consult your medical practitioner.

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