Can meditation cause you harm?

Taking some time out from a busy day helps calm the mind and while some praise the benefits of meditation, could it actually do more harm than good?

The point of meditation is to clear the mind in order to enable you to find inspiration to tackle or address issues in your life. However, for some the journey to enlightenment can bring up past trauma or unresolved issues that require seeking help from a therapist.

So, just how do you harness the good energy of meditation without tipping into a dark abyss?

Don’t become a disciple

There are many ways in which to meditate, so you may want to try a few before settling on the best method for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and never blindly follow any instructor.


When you sign up for a meditation class, it’s important to convey to your instructor just what you’re hoping to achieve and any injuries or conditions you may have. Given that meditation can be quite powerful, people can sometimes feel worse after a session. Although meditation has been around for hundreds of years, there has been little scientific research on its effects.

Depression and sadness

For those on the path to true enlightenment, the journey can be treacherous. Many people who practice meditation refer to the dark night of the soul. This is a phase where you may feel great sadness, a loss of direction or even depression and while it should pass, it may take some time. It’s also important not to simply attribute such feelings, which may be occurring for other reasons, to this.

Striving for perfection

It’s easy to become trapped in the quest for a perfect meditation session, especially if you’ve experienced one before. Remember that each and every time you meditate you will focus on different aspects of your mind and some may not be so fulfilling. Accept that sometime enlightenment just isn’t going to happen.

Meditation isn’t therapy

While meditation can help with certain issues, it’s not therapy and it’s important that you don’t think it will cure all your problems and issues. It should be used as part of a holistic approach to tackling things that are going on in your life, but sometimes professional help may also be required.

Remember, whatever type of exercise, be it mental or physical, that you take on board, you should at least get some kind of enjoyment. If you’re not having fun, perhaps it’s time to move on.


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