Eleven worst foods in your fridge

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If you’ve ever tried eating healthy food but have not seen results you aren’t alone. The truth is that we’re often unaware that many of the foods and drinks we consume contribute heavily to our calorie count, and many are in our fridges. So, what are these foods and drinks? Here are 11 of the worst, according to WebMD.


Just one tablespoon of mayonnaise contains around 110 calories, which takes a half-hour walk to burn off. Just because the portions are small doesn’t mean the health risks aren’t big.


Yoghurt is healthy … right? Well, while plain or Greek yoghurt can be a delicious and healthy snack, flavoured yoghurts tend to contain three times more sugar, and will threaten all the healthy eating plans you’ve set up for yourself.


This is bad news for all the passionate pickle lovers out there. While fresh cucumbers have multiple health benefits, pickled ones are packed with salt. Try sticking to fresh cucumbers or healthier fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, to add a kick to your meal.


While beer isn’t celebrated as a health food, its calorie content is shocking. A stubby of an average full strength beer contains 8g of carbs and 136 calories, which would take nearly 40 minutes of walking to burn off. If you’re after a six-pack, it may be best to ask yourself what kind.

Tomato sauce

The average tablespoon of commercial tomato sauce contains 4g of sugar, 5g of carbohydrates and 23 calories. Try to keep your quantities small, as it’s easy to get carried away when squeezing a plastic bottle.

Frozen pizza

We know, we know … no-one ever expected pizza to be a diet food, but the calorie count may still surprise you. Just one slice of a supermarket-bought frozen pizza contains 7g of fat, 41g of carbohydrates and 283 calories, which would require 79 minutes of walking to burn off. It might be best to keep that in mind the next time you walk down the freezer aisle at the supermarket.

Soft drink 

When it comes to weight loss and improving diet, cutting out soft drinks is one of the first recommendations that health professionals make. Loaded with sugar, fizzy drinks are essentially empty calories that threaten to unravel your health objectives. Don’t let yourself be tempted. 

Processed meats 

Linked to heart disease and some cancers, processed meats that include sausages, hot dogs, salami, ham, cured, tinned or dried meat, hot dogs and salami, may be doing you more harm than you thought.

Tonic water 

While you may not have suspected it because of the bitter taste, there are more than 120 calories in a 350ml bottle of tonic water, making it the same as most soft drinks. If this makes you question your fondness for G&Ts, try swapping the tonic for soda and use fresh citrus fruit to add a flavoursome kick.

Salad dressing

The high fat, sugar and salt content of a creamy salad dressing might be erasing the benefits of an otherwise healthy meal. Rather than trusting commercial brands, it’s best to flavour your salads yourself. Balsamic vinegar and olive oil are a healthy substitute.

Frozen snacks

We may instinctively know that frozen chips and other oily snacks aren’t good for us, but having them in our freezers makes temptation even greater. If you really can’t resist a fry, then try making your own out of fresh sweet potato. Try baking instead of frying them. Both your tastebuds and your waistline will thank you.

Did you know how bad these common foods are for your health and waistline? Will you be banning them from your fridge? What other foods would you recommend we steer clear of?

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