Five common eye problems

From the age of 40, it is normal to experience changes in your vision. At this time, the risks of developing certain eye conditions are much higher. It can be difficult for you to know whether you have begun to develop an eye problem that can lead to permanent vision loss, especially if left untreated. So, the best way to maintain good eye health is to have your eyes tested regularly.

On World Sight Day, we share common eye conditions of which to be aware – especially if you’re over 40.

Presbyopia – is the most common age-related vision condition, causing gradual loss of the ability to change the shape of the lens of your eye and focus at normal reading distance. It is usually treated with prescription glasses.

Cataract – a common condition where the lens becomes cloudy, causing gradual loss of vision. Treatment for cataracts involves surgery to replace your lens with one made of plastic. 

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) – involves the loss of core vision needed to read, drive and recognise faces. Your risk of developing AMD is higher if it runs in your family. While you can’t change your genes or your age, there are some precautions you can take to reduce your risk.

Glaucoma – arises from increased pressure in the eyeball, which can cause progressive damage to the optic nerve cells, leading to loss of peripheral vision. It is common for sufferers not to realise they have glaucoma until irreparable damage has been done. Therefore it must be diagnosed and treated early.

Diabetic retinopathy – if you have diabetes, it can impact your vision by affecting the blood vessels behind your eye, leading to serious vision loss. The treatment relies on early detection and laser treatment.

To find out what you can do to keep your eyes healthy, read our article on how to ‘Reduce your risk of vision loss‘.

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