Five night-time habits for supple skin

Do you have dehydrated skin that looks lined and rough? Do you wake up with puffy eyes or a swollen face? Well, then, you may need to maximise the ‘beauty’ in your beauty sleep. Here’s how with our five night-time habits to waking up with supple skin.

1. Skip the salty snacks before bedtime

Salt makes you retain water. This means that you’re likely to wake up with a puffy face. If need a snack before bedtime, opt for fruit, natural yoghurt, nuts or a nice cup of hot chocolate, which will also help you to fall asleep.

2. Remove makeup 

Always remove makeup before you go to bed. Leaving it on overnight clogs your pores and makes your eyes puffy and watery, and leaves dark circles under them. Even if you don’t wear makeup, it’s still really important to remove the day’s grit for the same reasons.

Up the ante by using a brightening mask mixed with your cleanser, then remove it with a hot flannel, for bright- and fresh-looking skin.

3. Moisturise

The best time to moisturise is straight after cleansing your face, as your face is warm and slightly damp, and your pores are cleaned and opened. All of this allows your skin to easily absorb your moisturiser. Choose a moisturiser that is suited to your skin type. A facial oil is amother good option.

Take the act of moisturising up a notch by placing a humidifier in your bedroom, especially in winter. Increasing the humidity levels in your sleeping environment hydrates you and keeps your face from getting dry and rough.

4. Drink up

Water, please, not alcohol. In order to wake up with supple, less-wrinkled skin, the idea is to hydrate, not dehydrate, before you go to bed. Water allows you to hydrate from the inside out. You’ll look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed too.

5. Get restful sleep

There’s a good reason that the second word in ‘beauty sleep’ is ‘sleep’. According to the Macquarie Dictionary, beauty sleep is “sleep begun early in the night, supposedly as an aid to beauty.” That’s because snoozing time is uninterrupted repair time, where your body works hard to regenerate new cells (including your skin cells) and undoes the damage that happens during the day.

So do the time (in bed) and reap the benefits (on your skin). If you struggle with getting enough shut-eye, we have plenty of articles on YourLifeChoices that point you in the right direction. Here are a few of them:

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Do you have any tips of your own that help you to wake up with beautiful-looking skin?


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