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Health: tricks to get rid of…

What’s the best way to cure hiccups, alleviate a headache and remove scars? Here are some natural cures for common health ailments. And best of all, you’ll only have to go as far as your pantry.

Classic cures for hiccups include drinking water upside down, holding your breath and having someone scare you, but what’s the most effective method?

  • lay down on your stomach to compress your chest and put pressure on your diaphragm
  • breathe into a paper bag to increase the carbon dioxide in your lungs and relax your diaphragm
  • take quick sips of water
  • avoid carbonated drinks
  • eat more slowly
  • a teaspoon of vinegar, sipped slowly

Dark circles
Dark circles are caused by a number of things, including fatigue, poor nutrition, genetics and age. Here are some ways to alleviate dark circles:

  • apply a cold compress over the eyes to shrink the dilated blood vessels in the skin
  • use almond oil as a moisturiser to help to replenish the skin with vitamin K and other antioxidants
  • apply two slices of avocado over your eyes for 15–20 minutes; avocado is a ‘miracle’ food because of its fat content and essential vitamins B, E and K

Mouth ulcers (or canker sores) are a major pain! No one knows exactly what causes them, but factors such as stress, food allergies, a weakened immune system and smoking can all bring them on.

Relieve the discomfort of ulcers by:

  • applying aloe vera (a great anti-inflammatory) to the area; if you don’t have access to a plant, a shop-bought gel or cream will suffice
  • rubbing coconut oil (an antibacterial) into the sore several times per day
  • cayenne pepper will help to numb the pain – just don’t let it touch your tongue!

Before you reach for the painkillers, try alleviating a headache with some tried and true natural remedies, such as:

  • water, yes it’s a simple one but the best way to cure a dehydration headache is by drinking water
  • almonds; known as nature’s painkillers because they contain salicin, a pain clocker that is present in over-the-counter painkillers
  • an ice or heat pack; a headache caused by sinus problems needs a cold compress (to help numb the area and reduce inflammation), while a heat pack is great for treating tension headaches and relaxing muscles.

Acne Scars
If you’ve still got persistent acne scars from your younger days, these natural remedies may help to even out your skin’s complexion:

  • coconut oil is one of the best natural skin healers because of its high fat content; try melting a 1/4 of a teaspoon to use a s a regular moisturiser
  • potato juice is rich in vitamins and minerals that can help heal your skin; try applying raw slices of potato to your skin for 15 minutes
  • raw honey is a dream for your skin; try massaging a small amount over your scars and leave for 15–20 minutes.


What natural cures do you find effective for common health ailments?

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