How to avoid germs on a plane

Aeroplanes are great for travelling long distances, but they’re even better for spreading germs. These days, planes are outfitted with air filters designed to remove the dust and microbes in the air – but it’s not a foolproof system. If you’re a frequent flyer then your chances of getting sick are increased. But by following these tips you can avoid the worst of the germs.

Make use of air ventilation

You can keep airborne microbes at bay by using the air vent above you to send a steady stream of filtered air blowing down in front of your face. This should create a current that knocks any unsavoury pathogens away.

Wash your hands regularly

Not all germs will make you sick, but if you want to lessen the risk, be sure to wash or sanitise your hands frequently throughout your flight. This is particularly relevant before meal timesand after using the bathroom. Clean your hands after touching seat cushions and armrests.

Sanitise your surfaces

One other good (albeit overzealous) way to avoid germs is to sanitise the surfaces with which you’ll have the most contact, such as your traytable, in-flight entertainment screen and remote control. Every person who sat in your seat before you will have had a lot of contact with these surfaces too, especially the traytable, so it makes sense to wipe them down before you settle in for your flight.

Keep items at the top of the seat pocket

Cramming your seat pocket with the items you think you’ll need during the flight just makesit harder to find what you need. Plus, you don’t know what’s down the bottom of the pocket and how long it’s been there.  Select a few essentials to keep near the top of the pocket – such as your phone, headphones and bottle of water – and keep the rest in a small bag under the seat in front of you for easy access.





Amelia Theodorakis
Amelia Theodorakis
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