Is your body older than your age?

Recent studies have shown that biological age is a more reliable indicator than your actual age. It can help identify and prevent disease by tracing the pace at which you age.

Do you feel old beyond your years? This may be because your body’s ageing process feels as if it’s speeding up your body’s ageing while leaving chronological age years behind.

However, there are quick and easy changes that you can make to combat these health issues, slow down, or even reverse, the aging process.

1. Drinking in moderation
It’s easy to consume a few more drinks than you planned, especially when you’re having fun. Stick to no more than two standard drink a day and never more than four in one session and it’ll be a lot easier on your body.

2. Exercise at least three times a week
This may be a light stroll or a swim a few times each week. As long as you’re active for a couple of hours every few days, your blood pressure and cholesterol may drop, and your chance of contracting some diseases can be minimised by up to 50 per cent.

3. Eat a balanced diet
Studies showed that older people who regularly consumed lean meat, vegetables and fish had significantly less chance of liver disease and added years onto their lives.

4. Quit smoking (or don’t start)
This one, according to healthcare professionals, is a given. By smoking only one cigarette, blood pressure and heart rate increase drastically. By not smoking, your body has a better chance to fight off other diseases.

It is never too late to start looking after your body and doing the best you can to avoid complications that age you prematurely.

Take this two-minute quiz below to find out your body’s real age and if you’re on track to slow down that aging process.

Do you feel older than your years?

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