Nine health mistakes men make

Guys are notorious for not seeing doctors. I mean, who knows us better than us, right? We can barely ask for directions when we’re lost let alone depend on someone to tell us if we’re going to die or live for another few years.

Men are the most misguided creatures on the planet. Our self-perceived indestructability coupled with our all-encompassing knowledge of everything around us make us quite possibly the worst patients imaginable.

But you know what fellas? We die too. So, to make it a little more difficult for Father Time to take us before our, well, time, here are seven health tips you should not ignore.

Don’t tempt fate
I’m going to start with the most obvious one: don’t tempt fate. If you drink and drive, you are a bloody idiot. Smoking does kill. Gambling, speeding, drinking too much and generally being the ‘big man’ is just bad for your health. So, think twice about the risks you’re taking and weigh up whether they’re necessary or not. Chances are, they’re not.

See your GP
If you can’t book in to see your doctor twice a year, then make sure you see a GP at least once a year. Having scheduled, regular visits with your doc is the best way to keep your health on track. Think of your body as you do your car and get regular checks and services.

You can have a heart attack at any age
You don’t have to be old to have a heart attack, but the older you get, the more likely your chances. If you have heart disease in your family or you haven’t looked after yourself as best you could have, now is the time to take better care of your ticker.

See your GP if you have ED
Erectile dysfunction can be a cause for concern in the bedroom, but it may also be a sign of something more insidious than not getting lucky that night. The main cause for ED is a lack of blood flow to the penis, which could mean your heart is in trouble. So, if you have ED, see your GP.

Know your flow
You should probably pee between six to 10 times a day. Eight times is the sweet spot. If you pee more than 10 times a day and get up twice or more each night to pee, you may have an enlarged prostate, weak or overactive bladder or some form of cancer.

Don’t drink more to feel better
One in eight men will experience depression at some point in their lives and one in five will have anxiety in some form. Many will turn to alcohol to feel better. Mistake. Alcohol may provide a short-term ‘bandaid’ but the wound will fester. If you show any sign of depression or anxiety, speak up. It’s better out than in.

Don’t hit snooze on the snore
Aside from the health risks associated with keeping your partner up at night, hardcore snoring could actually be something called obstructive sleep apnoea. This means you may stop breathing in your sleep and it’s linked to heart disease and high blood pressure. So, don’t ignore your snoring.

Slip, slop, slap
Skin cancer is a leading killer of men. In fact, melanoma is the third biggest cancer killer and around 14,000 men are expected to be diagnosed in 2017. There’s a quick way to minimise your chances of skin cancer: put on sunscreen. That includes your arms, hands and face. If it’s exposed, get it covered.

Don’t detour the dentist
It’s probably more common for women to see the dentist. But a routine dental check-up may not only safeguard your teeth and oral health, but it can also help with early detection of diseases such as diabetes, Crohn’s disease, lupus and leukaemia.

There are more medical mistakes that men make and you can read about them at WebMD.

Do you make any of these medical mistakes? Do you know of any others? Do you have any health tips for our members?

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