This common fruit helps prevent heart attacks and stroke

Eating one of these two fruits per day can decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Can this fruit prevent heart attacks?

A new study from the University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA, has found that adequate potassium-rich foods such as bananas and avocados prevent arteries from hardening and reduce the risk of fatal blockages.

The research found that when mice were fed potassium-rich foods, they experienced reduced stiffness in their aorta, the body's main artery. Previous research has already revealed that stiff, inflexible arteries increase a person's risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke, and researchers believe potassium regulates genes that maintain artery flexibility.

The study used mice who were at-risk of heart disease and each mouse received a high-fat diet. Different mice were then given either low, normal or high levels of potassium throughout the study.

"The findings have important translational potential, since they demonstrate the benefit of adequate potassium supplementation on prevention of vascular calcification in atherosclerosis-prone mice, and the adverse effect of low potassium intake," said Paul Sanders, professor at the University of Alabama to the Daily Mail.

After reading the results of this research, will you start adding bananas or avocados back into your weekly diet?




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    10th Oct 2017
    bananas are ok but hate avocados but saying that everything that tastes good is bad for you
    10th Oct 2017
    i have 1 banana on my cereal every morning and always have 2 Avo's in the fridge. My heart, lung and kidneys are all good. At 79 coming up 80 I take no medication. Consider myself lucky at my age.
    10th Oct 2017
    Congrats mate ... I love avocados and have them as many as I can eat ... the same with bananas yes I am very very healthy on my 74 and still kicking hard he he he he dancing latin salsa and listen modern music also keep me fit so yes all good mate congrats
    10th Oct 2017
    Hate avocados sacrilege ! On toast with pepper and heart must be great.
    10th Oct 2017
    I've recently planted two advocado trees in my back yard.
    10th Oct 2017
    Are they easy to grow, Tib?
    11th Oct 2017
    Triss it depends on where you are, they don't like frost much or wet conditions so look it up on the net for your area. You may need to plant them on a mound and use cloth for frost when they are young. Theyre not cheap but considering how much I eat I'll get it back.

    10th Oct 2017
    I have haemodialysis three times per week, and must have a LOW-potassium diet. The dialysis already puts a strain on my heart, and with the foods the article extols being ruled out for me, then I'm in a high-risk category of having a heart attack (I guess). Indeed, many on dialysis die of heart attacks.
    10th Oct 2017
    Never took either one out of my diet! Avocados are excellent all round and one of nature’s wonder foods. Bananas are also excellent.
    I count calories and use both of these as part of that count.
    Elderly people need to make sure they have enough protein as well.
    We spread avocados instead of butter a lot of the time.
    Maybe more about health on here instead of some controversial topics that set off some comments and arguments.
    go veg!
    10th Oct 2017
    What's wrong with a bit of controversy - makes us think about things we otherwise just accept.
    10th Oct 2017
    I agree go veg. It's good to hear diverse opinion. It's important to challenge your opinion. In this PC world it doesn't happen any more. Everybody seems to be offended by hearing an opinion that isn't the same as theirs.
    10th Oct 2017
    Love Advocados, try them with vegemite on toast. They are too expensive tho' $2-50/3.00 each else would eat them every day.
    10th Oct 2017
    2.50/3.00 dollars +++++++ try again sorry ... I have seen them on a fruit shop for 4.50 and 5.00 each
    10th Oct 2017
    Go to Peru or Chile in South America or USA for one of the best HASS avocados or some Asian countries also have good avocados like Thailand and very very cheap ... on my last trip to Thailand I visit the north and found a Kilo of avocados (About 3or 4) for about $1.00 wowowo that was cheap and I eat one everyday during my holiday
    10th Oct 2017
    Makes your $4.50 - $5 look cheap when you add the air fares Aussie :-)
    10th Oct 2017
    Plant a couple of trees I did.
    10th Oct 2017
    Try to avoid supermarkets. I look for most of my vege and fruit at markets and local greengrocers where you can buy bags or in bulk cheaper. May not look as pretty but healthier
    Always have eaten bananas and avos. Also love berry fruit. Buy when cheap and throw in the freezer. I plant some vege too. Have bags of tomatoes in my freezer to throw in meals as i simmer.
    Travelling Man
    10th Oct 2017
    On a different health topic, but one that may interest Lifechoicers, I have just purchased a Hurom HH Series Slow Juicer. This superb South Korean product does not violently chop up fruit but slowly squeezes it with a device called an augur, which slowly revolves at 43rpm, and prevents the pulp flowing in thus making clean pure juice. You can check out its operation on Youtube or go to for more technical information. At the moment I am not eating solid food as I am on a 3 day juice diet. This hopefully will remove unwanted toxins from my system and tone up my skin while at the same time providing me with all the vitamins I require during these three days. It is rather expensive at nearly $500, but if you weigh up its health benefits over a long period of use, perhaps you can justify the cost.
    10th Oct 2017
    There are many other cold press juicers for a lot less than $500 if you are interested. Just be careful though.

    Removing the pulp also removes much of the nutrition leaving a tasty drink that is high in sugar and high GI with none of the mitigating fibre and other nutrients. OK for short periods but care needs to be taken since we can drink more than we can eat (say 4-5+ pieces of fruit for a relatively small drink) making this a high calorie solution especially as most people will likely add way more fruit than vegetables (and the vegetables they do add are likely to more of the sweeter ones like beetroot and carrots).
    10th Oct 2017
    I agree KSS , eat the whole fruit.
    10th Oct 2017
    Sorry to say this, but juicing is not the best way to go. The body needs all the roughage (except the seeds) from the fruit. Juicing also concentrates the sugars which is not so good.
    10th Oct 2017
    Yes agree . Juice is way too much fructose without fibre . We're supposed to only eat about 2 pieces of whole fruit a day. If you want to juice try veges rather than fruit but definitely only short term
    18th Apr 2018
    The pulp is what’s good for you!
    10th Oct 2017
    I like both these things, and will enlarge my intake of Bananas and Avocados!
    10th Oct 2017
    Yes like you John I too love both bananas and avocados - and will for sure increase my intake. Although my husband thinks avocados are totally tasteless whatever way I try to use them - thankfully he loves bananas.
    Just wish they would stay fresh longer in the dish - when they are cheaper would love to buy more, but it is keeping them fresh. Also wish Avocados were a bit cheaper - a little too expensive sometimes for us pensioners - so can only buy when on special.
    The pom
    10th Oct 2017
    I used to love Avocados, until I developed what must be an allergy to something in them, and they cause me to vomit, however I do like bananas and a varied diet mainly vegetables. At 84 I still get around well and ride my bike when weather is nice.
    10th Oct 2017
    Avocado's are a bit tasteless, but if you stuff them with something else you like, or spread on toast they are ok, I usually stuff them with prawns, don't have them that often.
    10th Oct 2017
    My favourite is a sandwich spread with avocado and slices of mango.
    10th Oct 2017
    Smoked Salmon, Avocado with poached egg on Spinach and beet leaves. Superb!
    10th Oct 2017
    A gourmet! I like that. Try avocado toast topped with lightly browned chicken livers. My grandma from old Russia taught me how to cook that!
    11th Nov 2017
    Sounds good, but I was told if I am taking arginine that you must not have foods with potassium. Do you know if that is true?

    23rd Nov 2017
    Countless years ago, after I was involved in a rear-ender car accident, I went to the DMR (then) to get details of the other motorist, who fled the scene. I was told it was covered by 'privacy'...... what this means, in effect,is that ONLY the state government had access to private information, and no matter what the issues involved, nobody else could.

    Possession of knowledge is power... power is control over others .....

    Now we see the end game involved - your 'government' now sees itself as the 'owner' of your personal information, with which it can do whatever it chooses, regardless of your views and opinions.

    In an ideological sense, this is an arrogation by the State of a 'power' to which it is no more entitled than those who are controlled by that power - it is the State stating that it alone has any 'right' to power and control, and the individual has none.

    Once that 'government' holds that power, it can use it at whim for any reason and is answerable only unto itself.

    This is a sure sign of a despotic government, regardless of its 'hue', and is akin to Stalinism (as currently practiced in North Korea - not 'socialism' as some seek to say) and Hitlerism, and every other kind of despotic government that people have thrown off for centuries - now we here in 'the lucky country' are going backwards.

    This kind of thing is one reason I began to oppose 'our' 'government' in its current form many years ago.
    28th Nov 2017
    Well that's really good to hear because throughout Summer and Autumn and occasionally Spring, I eat a whole Avocado almost everyday with my lunch salad and I always enjoy it, never get bored with it either. Of course I knew that Avocado's are very good for the body. I might add that I've weighed almost the same 78 ish kilo's since I was 30 years old and I've now just turned 70.
    Bling Bling
    2nd Jun 2018
    avocados are great added to a morning smoothie ... throw in any green veggie.. kale/lettuce/spinach/ peas add banana honey...just about anything you like and blend ....I have even added turmeric/cinnamon/ nutmeg.
    15th Sep 2018
    Avocados - YUCK! Bananas - YUM!

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